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Nintendo Downloads - March 28, 2013

by Tyler Ohlew - March 28, 2013, 7:17 am PDT
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Music and fish, the greatest combination of anything ever.

Slim pickings this week, gang. However, when one of them pickings is HarmoKnight, you don't talk sass. Got it?! What else is on tap? Natsume's Legend of the River King is up for grabs on the 3DS Virtual Console, and retail releases Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed and Resident Evil Revelations are available for download on the 3DS eShop. Sadly, no obscure fighter from the mid-90's is releasing on the Wii Virtual Console this week, and for that I am sorry.

3DS eShop Retail Games

Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed - $29.99

Resident Evil Revelations - $19.99

3DS eShop Games

HarmoKnight - $14.99

As Madonna once said, "Music brings the people together. Yeah." She's also said a lot of things I shouldn't repeat here, but she does have a point. Well, the fine folks at Game Freak used Madonna's 'genius' as a launching point for the tale it weaves throughout HarmoKnight. Tempo is a young boy in the land of Melodia, a place united by its love for music. A total jerk named Gargon tries to mess that up, so its up to Tempo and a magic staff to kick Gargon's butt back to space. HarmoKnight is a terrific rhythm-action platformer, and I prattle on and on about it in my review.

3DS Virtual Console

Legend of the River King - $TBD

Your sister is sick. Wait, wait, come back. Your sister in the game is sick. As a fisherman you've heard tales, tall as they may be, of the Guardian Fish. A mystical being, it's believed that it can cure your sister. And what God like creature isn't going to help some dude who tricked him with a fake dinner and forced a hook through its face? While released for the Game Boy in 1998, the version you can download today is a port for the Game Boy Color that saw release a year later.


leahsdadMarch 28, 2013

Wow.  With Theathrythm and Harmoknight, we should try to guess what the next 3DS music game is going to be called.  Just remember the formula:  Musical Term + Totally Unrelated Term.

AwesomeUnicornMarch 28, 2013

I'm certain it will be Fuguenots, the rhythm-sim game in which you lead a religious group through an exodus to either fight wars or emigrate across Europe to a classical melody. Naturally, it will tie in to rhythm thief somehow.

On topic, I want to get home and play Harmoknight right now.  Silly work.

Sonic's $29.99 and Revelaitons is $19.99.

I wasn't planning on buying Revelaitons again, but it's hard to say no for that price.

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterMarch 28, 2013

i don't have frankenstick is the problem

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