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Circle Entertainment Presents Their Line-up for 2013

by Daan Koopman - March 3, 2013, 4:13 pm EST
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The publisher of digital software has a lot planned for this coming year!

Circle Entertainment, publisher of many DSiWare and eShop titles, have announced their line-up for 2013.

Upcoming releases include a port of WiiWare title Swords and Soldiers and Color Commando, a brand new puzzle platformer by Hugo Smits. Fans can also look forward to a new entry in the Castle Conquerer series and some surprises for both DSiWare and the 3DS eShop.

The full list of titles follows below.

Goony (DSiWare, Q1)
Achilles War (DSiWare, Q1)
Publisher Dream (DSiWare, Q1)
Swords and Soldiers 3D (3DS eShop, Q1)
Witch and Hero (3DS eShop, Q1)
WAKEDAS (3DS eShop, Q2)
Color Commando (DSiWare, Q2)
Cafe Dream (DSiWare, Q2)
I am in the MOVIE (DSiWare, Q2)
Banking Dream (DSiWare, Q2)
Cinema Dream (3DS eShop, Q2)
Castle Conqueror: Heroes 3 (3DS eShop, Q3)
World Conquest (3DS eShop, Q3)
Rhythm Scape (3DS eShop, Q3)
Toy Defense (3DS eShop, Q3)
Sweet Memories: Poker Night (3DS eShop, Q3)
Puzzle Craft (3DS eShop, Q4)
Lair Land Story (3DS eShop, Q4)
Lair Land Story 2 (3DS eShop, Q4)


VahneMarch 03, 2013

I've always been curious what the Lair Land series is about since I've seen it on their website. Great to see it's finally coming to 3DS.
Seems like the girl in the games is their mascot, as she also appears in some of their 3DS games.

AVMarch 03, 2013

is the market for DSi download games still worth while?

I am a fan of 3D but not all 3DS downloads have to be 3D, I will never bother with any DSiware because I maxed my fridge of internal 3DS memory, so I don't want to delete and manage things up to be able to buy more. I have 200,000 open blocks on my 32 gig sd card so i am not worried about storage on that.

i guess some kids still don't have 3ds yet..

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