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Monster Hunter 3G Seeing Wii U Digital Release in Japan

by Danny Bivens - December 20, 2012, 8:18 am EST
Total comments: 3 Source: http://www.inside-games.jp/article/2012/12/20/6239..., Inside-Games

The hunt begins digitally next week in Japan.

Monster Hunter 3 (tri) G HD Ver., known as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the West, will see a digital release on December 27 in Japan. The digital version will be 500 yen cheaper than the packaged version, retailing for 4,300 yen including tax.

Monster Hunter 3 (tri) G HD Ver. was a launch title when the Wii U released in Japan on December 8. There is currently no word if the title will see a release digitally in other territories. For more information about the Wii U version of the game, be sure to read our latest set of impressions.


geoDecember 20, 2012

Makes me hopeful for US launch mh3g.  I'm actually going to wait until it goes digital to buy it.  I hope it's at launch.  This is the kind of game that I play on an impulse sometimes, so if it's on the homescreen it'll be great.

RazorkidDecember 20, 2012

So far, the conditions for which I want this to arrive in the US are being met. What's left are:
-Digital release on 3DS
-3DSXL Black bundle (possibly with game preloaded)

Looking at the state of digital games on Wii U and 3DS, I'd be shocked if either version of MH3U weren't available digitally from day one.

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