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Aero Porter Dated For 3DS eShop

by Tyler Ohlew - November 15, 2012, 5:14 am PST
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Yoot Saito's airport sim lets you see the world through the eyes of a baggage handler.

Aero Porter is confirmed to see release on November 29, and will sell for $4.99. The date comes from the title's information page at Nintendo.com.

The second part of Level-5's Black Box collection, Aero Porter, puts you in charge of a growing airport. Sort the luggage to the appropriate plane, deal with special requests, and keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious. Yoot Saito's Vivarium Inc. led the development of the title, and previously helmed Odama for the GameCube.

As part of the Black Box series, Aero Porter is joined by Liberation Maiden, with the undated Crimson Shroud rounding out the collection. All three titles were originally released in one retail cartridge known as Guild 01, which remains exclusive to Japan.

You can read Danny Bivens' impressions of Aero Porter here.

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