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Nintendo Download - November 8, 2012

by Tyler Ohlew - November 8, 2012, 7:49 am EST
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It's a pretty expensive update. At the least Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion demo is free.

Hope you're sitting on a pile of e-bucks, because the eShop just got real. No more fooling around guys, Nintendo is playing for keeps. They want all the monies. On eShop, you've got Pokédex 3D Pro, Dress to Play: Cute Witches!, Johnny Hotshot, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Over on the DSiWare side of things, there's Come On! Dragons and Smart Girl's Playhouse Mini. Don't think the Wii is getting ignored, because Sengoku 2 is heading its way. And if it's free you're looking for, there's an Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion demo!

eShop Games:

Pokédex 3D Pro - $14.99

Think you can be a Pokémon master? Do you have what it takes to catch and train wild animals to do your bidding? Ready for a life without school, where your only lessons come from the mean streets of Johto? Get one step closer with Pokédex 3D Pro. A catalog of over 640 Pokémon, it details everything you would want and need to know. Plus, test your Pokémon know-how with included quizzes. Don't know your Pikachu from a Raichu? You've probably got a wealth of problems, but Pokédex 3D Pro can help!

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion - Demo

Grab your paintbrush, Mickey, because the world has called upon you once again. Steer Mickey through the worlds of Aladdin, Peter Pan, and The Little Mermaid, and hope you can right what has been turned wrong. DreamRift is behind this Castle of Illusion inspired romp, so be prepared for some terrific spritework. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is due in stores November 18.

Dress to Play: Cute Witches! - $3.99

Don't let films like Hocus Pocus fool you, witches can be pretty darned cute. With 50 outfits to fool around with, you can come up with thousands of cute combinations. Once your witch is ready to go, take her on a cute side-scrolling adventure, avoiding cute octopuses and gathering as many cute stars as possible. Cute? Cute!

Johnny Hotshot - $5.99

Your local arcade may have gone bust eight years ago, but the adventure can live on in Johnny Hotshot. Help Johnny escape the confines of the arcade cabinet that sucked him into this western-themed world. Grab your six-shooter and take aim at baddies and bombs in this Point Blank-influenced shooter, pard'ner. Take out those targets before they take YOU out.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star - $39.99 (November 11 release)

Mario falls flat once again in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Help Mario put an end to Bowser's reign of terror in this paper-thin adventure. In combat, Mario's moves are determined by the stickers he finds, and as with Pokémon, the shinier the better. It's a combat system that really sticks, if you know what I'm sayin'.


Come On! Dragons - $1.99 / 200 Points

With a name like Come On! Dragons, you know to expect some dragons, but what else is there? How about a single archer, defending his castle from the oncoming hordes? It'd be easy to be overwhelmed, were it not for your traps! Place your traps on the battlefield and take aim with your bow, all while defiantly yelling "Come on!" in their smug faces.

Smart Girl's Playhouse Mini - $1.99 / 200 Points

Featuring six mini-games, including drawing, find the differences, and dress-up, Smart Girl's Playhouse Mini is a title aimed specifically at young girls. It promotes itself as a game parents can safely introduce their daughters to.

Wii Virtual Console:

Sengoku 2 - 900 Points

There's this idea that if someone from the 1950s came to 2012, they'd die at the sight of an iPad. It works the other way too. Warp me back to 157X and I'd keel over instantly from my reliance on antibacterial gels. Luckily, there's dudes like the the two in Sengoku 2. In this 2D brawler, they come together from different times to stop an evil monarch and save a princess, all through the power of words. No, wait...SWORDS!


geoNovember 08, 2012

Never cared for the old castle of illusion (didn't play it at release), but i'm interested in the new one!  The demo will decide if it's on a christmas list or not.

llafferNovember 08, 2012

Since I already finished Layton, I think Sticker Star will be my "travel game" to play during my road trip to TX next week.

TenserNovember 08, 2012

Still waiting on Unchained Blades, Crimson Shroud, and Shantae 3. Only 7 more Thursdays left in the year and I'm assuming that after the Wii-U launches there'll be a healthy focus on the brand new console. It has me both worried and excited!

Fatty The HuttNovember 08, 2012


Warp me back to 157X and I'd keel over instantly from my reliance on antibacterial gels.

lol ;D


take aim with your bow, all while defiantly yelling "Come on!" in their smug faces

lol ;D 

Tyler, your writing style routinely cracks me up. Thank you.

Myxtika1 AznNovember 08, 2012

What happened to Ninja Gaiden?  :'(

Quote from: Myxtika1

What happened to Ninja Gaiden?  :'(

Listed in coming soon on the eShop. I'd assume next week.

Myxtika1 AznNovember 08, 2012

NWR has it listed for today.  I was hoping to finally beat the game today too.

circasurviverNovember 08, 2012

The Power of Illusion demo was a ton of fun, I'll for sure be picking this up day one. It was a pretty lengthy demo as well clocking in at just under a hour. Doing the side quests for the toons and being able to upgrade your stats at Scrooge's shop seems like it will add a lot of extra depth to the experience.

circasurviverNovember 08, 2012

double post.

broodwarsNovember 08, 2012

I'm going to give the Power of Illusion demo another chance tonight when I don't have an "on break" clock to race against, but I really didn't like what I saw of that demo earlier today. What feels like the first 10 minutes of that demo are long, boring cutscenes.  And when you finally get to the gameplay, it's not much faster. I don't think I've seen platforming that sluggish and lifeless since the last time I played a LittleBigPlanet game.

But I'm going to give the demo another shot tonight. Maybe it just takes some getting used to.

As for the rest of the downloads this week, just Paper Mario for me. Hopefully the now-pointlessness of the combat doesn't kill the experience.

circasurviverNovember 08, 2012

yeah that opening cut scene was pretty bad, and the first level started out slow, but once I got to the Jolly Rogger and had my powers and sketches the gameplay felt really solid.
It's not a fast past platformer like Mario, but with all the added game mechanics I don't really want it to be.
Having the ability to choose which skills you upgrade and picking what sketches you take into each level should add a lot of variety to how you play.

tylerohlewTyler Ohlew, Staff AlumnusNovember 08, 2012

Quote from: Fatty_The_Hutt


Warp me back to 157X and I'd keel over instantly from my reliance on antibacterial gels.

lol ;D


take aim with your bow, all while defiantly yelling "Come on!" in their smug faces

lol ;D 

Tyler, your writing style routinely cracks me up. Thank you.

Thanks a lot! I do it for you, Fatty the Hutt.

AVNovember 08, 2012

I was disappointed in the demo at first but as I kept playing it grew on me and when it ended I wanted to play more. Whats with the abrupt ' congratulations ' which made no sense because I just started a boss fight. I guess its a TIMED demo? Or what?

I am surprised at the very poor presentation the 3DS can do full voice work and FMV cut scenes why be so cheap? I am almost sold on it. I gotta see reviews and watch budget for Wii U so I might pick it up eventually

TeaHeeNovember 08, 2012

Just got home from work and can't wait to try Mickey.  This has been my most anticipated game for the 3DS this fall.  I never played the first one and I think that is why I am interested.

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