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Silver, White Colored Nintendo Handhelds Don't Sell Well in North America

by Patrick Barnett - September 19, 2012, 9:19 am EDT
Total comments: 10 Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/09/18/why-we-didn..., IGN

This is why we didn't get a white or silver 3DS XL.

White and silver colored Nintendo handhelds don't generally sell well in North America, according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.

Japan and Europe both got lighter colored systems at the 3DS XL's launch. North America, however, was left to choose from either red or blue. 

While speaking with IGN, Fils-Aime said "We have launched silver- and white-colored GBAs, DSes, DSis, and in our market they don't sell very well. So instead of approaching this lighter-colored product as a mass [product], we're going to look at the opportunity on a much more limited basis. You might see a limited-time offer with a white or silver 3DS XL, or we might colorize it slightly differently. But in terms of an ongoing SKU, the consumer has responded in our marketplace and said that, for a handheld gaming device from Nintendo, that kind of white or silver doesn't sell nearly as well as blue or red or even pink."

North America may eventually have a lighter colored 3DS, but only time will tell if North America gets a completely white system. 


AdrockSeptember 19, 2012

Great. Waiting for a solid black 3DS XL. I would also be fine with dark blue.

5kytarSeptember 19, 2012

The only reason why I don't have an XL is because I don't like the colors. Particularly the all black interior. I could really go for a lime green one though. But of course that may never happen until way later in the system's life.

vidsSeptember 19, 2012

I'd want a silver 3DS most (if only to match my macbook pro). Why does NA have to discriminate against 3DS color? Can't we all just get along?

Stoeff.atSeptember 19, 2012

my brothers owns this: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41yowQLfBQL._SS500_.jpg DSlite and it looks awsome but my black one is definitely more comfortable for your eyes during longer sessions. imho that is nintendos intention.

i also did not like the colours of the 3ds (silver, blue, red here in europe) but then my brother got the red one and it looks way better then on the pics i have seen.
it is a metalic colour and has a matt finish so you won't have fingerprints all over it like on your DS lite.

well fitting covers are also an option http://my.opera.com/Nplus/blog/2012/02/08/custom-3ds-fatal-frame-4?prevpoll=2 or if money does not matter, just get it airbrushed or mod it. check this out: http://www.zeldaeurope.de/fanbereich/mod.php

So only white consoles and colored handhelds sell?

Shut up, Shaymin... this can't end well.

DarthBradySeptember 19, 2012

Really?  If we don't like to buy white, then why is it the last 2 times i have went to upgrade my iPhone, Apple is ALWAYS sold out of the white ones, but always have an infinite supply of black ones. Their response is always "People like the white one better, it sells better"

This may be a regional thing, I realize it may not be this way across the entire North American Market. But it's still food for thought. People play a lot of "games" on iPhone, (I don't - I'd rather play on 3DS) there is no ignoring it. Just sayin' .....

And besides, how many white handhelds have Nintendo even tried to sell in North America? I'm not trying to sound negative or complain, I just think it's worth looking into.

TJ SpykeSeptember 19, 2012

Darth, to me it was clear that he was saying that Nintendo handhelds don't sell well in white.

The GBA, DS Lite, and DSi each had white version (DSi even launched in white).

SarailSeptember 19, 2012

All of mine have been white - my GBA and DS Lite. I want a 3DS XL white color very badly. C'mon, Nintendo. :/

AVSeptember 20, 2012

I settled for the blue but I really wanted the silver. I think silver finish would look really nice and adult, the white I got over with DS Lite. My iphone is white but that was just because everyone has black so to not blend in so much. Whatever i'm fine with my blue 3ds xl

Hey Einstein!September 21, 2012

I think Darth makes a good point about White ipads, etc. And I don't remember Nintendo complaining about sales of white consoles when they launched the DS Lite. It all sounds like Reggie doing his best to justify a decision that was made in Japan to me.

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