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No New Super Mario Bros. 2 Download Cards in North American Retailers

by Neal Ronaghan - August 23, 2012, 8:44 am PDT
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GameStop will offer download codes printed on receipts, but that's about it.

No North American retailers are currently selling or have any plans to sell New Super Mario Bros. 2 download cards, a Nintendo of America representative confirmed to us.

Some retailers are using other methods, such as GameStop printing a download code on a receipt, in a similar fashion to how they provided Super Mario Land, Pushmo, and 3D Classics Kid Icarus download codes. GameStop is only offering download codes in stores, though, as you can only order physical copies from their online store.

In Japan, game-specific download cards have been released, though oddly marked up in price. Europe does not have any New Super Mario Bros. 2 cards.


Disco StuAugust 23, 2012

This doesn't make sense, I definitely saw download cards on sale at Target when I went to buy my XL this past Sunday morning.  They were sitting right next to the retail copies on a 3DS display.

Then they likely printed it out on the receipt, as per what the article says. :)

geoAugust 23, 2012

Are the download cards in japan akin to itunes giftcards, with a 'scratch-off' on the back? 

NeoThunderAugust 23, 2012

Maybe it's so people don't copy the code. Then go home and and enter it

OblivionAugust 23, 2012

You can't copy a card code. They need to be activated at the register to be used.

tendoboy1984August 23, 2012


SectorStarAugust 23, 2012

I read an article a few weeks about when this game came out in japan.

95 percent purchased the physical copy
5 percent purchased the digital copy

I don't anticipate the number to much different or better here in North America <_<

Quote from: tendoboy1984


Read Disco Stu's post again, he said he saw the cards for SALE next to a 3DS display.

vinniebrockAugust 23, 2012

found this on BestBuy:


not necessarily a card, but maybe more than just GameStop will be selling codes(?)

red14August 24, 2012

Nintendo Power... Shonen Jump... and this? Shit. The digital age is saying fuck you to everything now.

Do I need to continue to quote the article I wrote? :P

According to Nintendo of America, there aren't any cards. "Some retailers are using other methods." I further used GameStop as an example (which NoA did to me when I asked) saying that they post the download code on the receipt. As per what Nintendo of America representatives told me, there are no cards; just printed codes on receipts and other manners similar to that.

So, until someone goes and buys one of these cards and shows me that it is a card with the code printed on it, then I'll believe what a Nintendo of America representative told me. They could be wrong, but I will err on the side of the company that published the game.

AVAugust 24, 2012

I can confirm this, when I bought my XL I wanted a digital version of mario and they just printed a receipt with a code. I used that code in the e-shop and had mario downloading without problem.

I guess this will be a well kept secret or something for Gamestop because the employee had to really dig around to find the sku for the digital copy.

vinniebrockAugust 24, 2012

Ah, i see. My bad.

Anyway, yeah, my brother also bought the digital copy (dem Club Nintendo coins) and indeed brought home a soulless receipt.

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