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The Legend of Zelda and NES Open Tournament Golf Updates Available for 3DS Ambassadors

by Neal Ronaghan - July 1, 2012, 8:31 pm EDT
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Both games get new home screen icons and restore points in North America.

The Legend of Zelda and NES Open Tournament Golf, both NES games, have updates on the eShop that add restore points and the NES/TV icon in North America. As both games are currently only Ambassador games, the update is only available for 3DS owners who took their system online before July 2011.

To get the update, go to eShop, and then go to "Settings / Other." From there, go to "Your Downloads" and then look for The Legend of Zelda and NES Open Tournament Golf and select update.

The Legend of Zelda is set to get a full release on the 3DS eShop this Thursday as part of Nintendo of America's 8-Bit Summer. It is likely that NES Open Tournament Golf will also be released this Thursday since it is getting the update.

In North America, the only Ambassador games to get these updates are Super Mario Bros., Metroid, and Donkey Kong Jr. Europe has received The Legend of Zelda update, but not the Donkey Kong Jr. one. In Japan, the aforementioned games have full releases in addition to Zelda II: Adventure of Link and Ice Climber.


NemoJuly 02, 2012

What is a "restore point"?

Quote from: Nemo

What is a "restore point"?

That's the save state feature 3DS Virtual Console games have that allows you save the game at any point and return to it later at any time, as opposed to the suspend feature that creates a temporary save when you quit the game, which these games already had.

red14July 02, 2012

The ads on this site are getting more annoying.

nhainesJuly 02, 2012

In addition to the above, I also have updates to the following:

Wrecking Crew
NES Open Tournament Golf
Balloon Fight
Ice Climber
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link
Ambassador Certificate

Aside from that, it looks like there are also updates for Donkey Kong, Mario Picross, Fortified Zone, 3D Classics: Excitebike, and 3D Classics: Xevious.  Any idea what's going on with these ones?
PS: I am used to getting detailed changelogs for new updates, as I use Ubuntu as a main OS.  So the only thing that sets my OCD off even more than that is not even getting notified that there are updates via the "Updates" channel in the Nintendo eShop.

@nhaines - I believe the updates for the other games not mentioned in this article are things that don't seem to add anything of note. A variety of eShop games/apps get updates, but most of them don't seem to be anything notable.

nhainesJuly 02, 2012

Thanks, Neal. That's what annoys me, though.  I hate not knowing what changed, even if it doesn't affect me.  :)

I did like getting the heads up for Zelda, though.  It's fun to see the NES image on the top screen!

Pixelated PixiesJuly 02, 2012

Finally! I found NES Open Tournament Golf to be pretty unplayable and boring but with Restore Points I'm sure it's way better!

I know it's been about 10 months but I'm still baffled by Nintendo's choices for the NES portion of the Ambassador program. The GBA games were great, but... Open Tournament Golf? Bah! Some say 'you can't argue with free'. I say 'you're not trying hard enough'.

Hey, NES Open Tournament Golf was good...in like 1993 when I was 5 and played it. It sucks now...

I played NES Open Tournament Golf for about half an hour getting triple or quadruple bogeys on every hole, except the one I got a hole in one on.

nhainesJuly 02, 2012

You could definitely see the seeds of Mario Golf in it, and I though for an NES game of that era it was actually pretty good.  I really wanted some sort of guidance as far as club and distance, but I figured that only made the game more realistic.  I only played a couple of times but I might conceivably pick it up again.  I'd probably play it with a friend if that were possible.  Of course, I'd probably be as likely to dig out Mario Golf and set up an old console.

TJ SpykeJuly 02, 2012

I played about 1 minute of NES OTG, and that was 1 minute too much. That game is terrible now (never played it originally). Juts like I hate that I wasted 4 minutes playing the trash that is MK:SC (easily the worst Mario Kart game).

nhainesJuly 02, 2012

Objection!  Mario Kart: Super Circuit was awesome and also gave you the original 20 Mario Kart tracks with awesome remixed background music in addition to 20 completely new tracks!  Plus it supported 4-player multiplayer.  You can't explain that.

ejamerJuly 02, 2012

Wait... you use Ubuntu and like Mario Kart Super Circuit?  Are you... my brother?

TJ SpykeJuly 03, 2012

Maybe MKSC was good back in the day, but in 2012 it sucks donkey balls. I never played it back then, so I don't have nostalgia working it. I know some people love it, some hate it. I am in the latter camp.

ejamerJuly 03, 2012

Quote from: TJ

Maybe MKSC was good back in the day, but in 2012 it sucks donkey balls. I never played it back then, so I don't have nostalgia working it. I know some people love it, some hate it. I am in the latter camp.

Games have changed. So have gamers and their expectations.

Super Circuit certainly feels different, but offers tight racing with a meaningful learning curve. It's probably one of the least approachable Mario Kart games, but is also one of the most skill-based and includes a great single-player mode.  Guess it just depends on what you are looking for in a Mario Kart game.  Obviously the hardware limitations were very different than what newer releases had to work with.

nhainesJuly 04, 2012

^ This.

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