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Midnight Purple 3DS Announced

by Andrew Brown - April 30, 2012, 8:51 am EDT
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Just heard this on the grapevine...

The 3DS will get a new Midnight Purple version in North America next month, Nintendo announced today.

The new grape-flavored variant is the fifth handheld color to join its multicolored brethren of Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue, Flame Red, and Pearl Pink since the system's launch last year, and will be hitting stores in the US on May 20, the same day that Mario Tennis Open launches.  The retail price will be $169.99.

No mention of this color has yet been made by Nintendo in PAL regions. The most recent 3DS color to hit Japan is the trendy, dark Cobalt Blue version.


IamAwake94April 30, 2012

" March 20"? Shouldn't it be May 20th? :Q

Back to topic on hand. I'm quite sad that this shade of purple is not the shade that was shown at E3 2010. :/ I would so double dip if it was.


CericApril 30, 2012

That other one is cool but this is very close to Indigo.  The color my GCN, GBA, and GBC is in.  That color may actually have me consider getting a new revision of the 3DS.

Quote from: IamAwake94

" March 20"? Shouldn't it be May 20th?

Good catch. Those dang M-months messing with my sleep-deprived brain...

NinSageApril 30, 2012

mmm, not impressed by that color.  Not one bit.  Kinda gross to me.

Still wish Ice White and/or Leaf(?) Green was available in NA.  Perhaps when/if the 3DS XL comes out!? *fingers crossed*

NintendoFanboyApril 30, 2012

Me thinks Redesign a ways off.
Sad really, Wont give up my BLK til i get a Redesign. Hurry Please.
The top screen is getting killed by the bottom screen side rails.
To be honest the screen protector is getting killed. I put that on after
i got my first 2  divits

ivanincubusMay 02, 2012

No more COLORS. Having a purple 3ds won't fix the scratched top screens on new systems.
We cry for a redesign!

TJ SpykeMay 02, 2012

Quote from: ivanincubus

No more COLORS. Having a purple 3ds won't fix the scratched top screens on new systems.
We cry for a redesign!

Well, you do. The scratched screen seems to be a niche problem that only effects some people. I don't want a re-design (since I won't get it anyways) and I don't see a need for it since the 3DS really just started taking off about 6 months ago. I think  re-design is at least 1 year away.

Still waiting for orange. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFwFwpmKbYQ

Nintendo never delivers on their promises of orange hardware.

nickmitchMay 02, 2012

They did in Japan with the 'Cube.

Chozo GhostMay 02, 2012

The Spice 'cube made its way to North America. That is a type of orange color.

Also, orange DSi, Atomic Orange N64, Torchic Orange GBA SP, Spice Orange GBA, etc.

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