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European Version of Rhythm Heaven for Wii Includes Japanese Soundtrack

by Karlie Yeung - April 21, 2012, 5:01 am PDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Nintendo Direct, http://www.nintendo.co.uk/NOE/en_GB/news/nintendo_...

You will be able to switch between the English and Japanese songs when the game is released in July.

The European version of Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (Rhythm Heaven Fever) will include the Japanese soundtrack along with the ability to switch between the English and Japanese songs for gameplay.

When starting up a save file, there is a button that allows you to select English or Japanese. The game text and song subtitles remain in English, but the songs for the mini-games will depend on which option you started with. It is possible to change languages at any time by going back and reopening the save file with the other option.

The extra soundtrack and European release date of July 6 were announced during the Nintendo Direct Europe event today. The feature was demonstrated then with the games Love Rap and Ringside.


Killer_Man_JaroTom Malina, Associate Editor (Europe)April 21, 2012

Sure, I'll take that. I've heard mixed things about the English vocals (hardly a surprise when we're dealing with translations of J-Pop), so I appreciate this additional feature.

I still think the European title is inelegant, but hey, that's Nintendo of Europe for you: always renaming games for no apparent reason.

PodingsApril 21, 2012

The game doesn't look as complete as the DS iteration, so I definitely welcome any additions! :)

Having enjoyed the Japanese version of Elite Beat Agents much more than the English, I'm looking forward to seeing how much difference there is in Rhythm Paradise, though obviously with this game, the song selection remains the same.

I was going to import the Japanese version, but this is even better! Too bad NOA didn't do this.

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