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CoroCoro Reveals New Pokémon Black and White 2 Details

by Alex Culafi - April 12, 2012, 6:32 pm EDT
Total comments: 6 Source: (CoroCoro), http://serebii.net/index2.shtml

The magazine unveils a plethora of details, including new protagonists, a new rival, and a Pokédex with over 100 new entries.

CoroCoro magazine has revealed the first substantial information regarding Pokémon Black and White 2 since its initial reveal in February.

The games take place in Unova, though the landscape has changed drastically. Two years have passed since the original Black and White, so part of Unova is now covered with ice, and certain locations have been added or altered. For instance, Route 4 has been retouched, and Challenger's Cave has been removed entirely. There are other new locations as well, like Hiougi City, the starting city in the game, which features a Pokémon Center as well as a trainer school.

Black and White 2 sports two new protagonists, as well as a new rival. The protagonists appear to be quite similar to those of the original games, though the spiky-haired rival (whose role in the game is currently unknown) resembles no previous characters. The game also adds a new Pokémon researcher, Akuroma, who researches Pokémon strength.

The magazine also notes that Unova will now support a Pokédex of over 250 Pokémon (as opposed to the 156 of the original Black and White games). In addition to Unova Pokémon, Pokémon from previous generations will also appear—Riolu is listed as #33, Psyduck as #26, and Metagross as #254. Eevee, Lapras, Arcanine, Tyranitar, and Mareep have also been confirmed for the new Pokédex.

Like Pokémon Emerald and Platinum versions, Black and White 2 will have an altered gym structure from the original games. A poison gym leader, Homika, will be joining the ranks, with her gym being a music club of sorts. Another, Shizui, is a water-type leader. Although little additional information has been confirmed regarding Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, it has been revealed that Black Kyurem will know the special move Freeze Shock, and White Kyurem will know the move Ice Burn.

Pokémon Black and White 2 releases in Japan on June 23 of this year, with international releases following in the fall.



xcwarriorApril 12, 2012

Need more than that to warrant buying it. Still sounds like a rehash. I love Pokemon, but you gotta try harder than that.

NinSageApril 12, 2012

*Still waiting for his MMO-like Pokemon game*

make it happen and I will gladly pay a sub fee or get microtransactioned into debt or any number of other things I swore I would never, ever, ever do!!

OblivionApril 12, 2012

Quote from: xcwarrior

Need more than that to warrant buying it. Still sounds like a rehash. I love Pokemon, but you gotta try harder than that.

Taking place two years later, with completely new protagonists and rival, plus new/changed routes and cities, and new Pokemon Formes? Plus new gym leaders? This is the closest thing to a direct sequel we've had in the main series.

CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterApril 13, 2012

Yeah it is close to a new version, much more of an update than a Gray that's for sure. Of course the only reason I will be buying it is for move tutors and new mechanics. Still though I am somewhat interested in the new story.

Just to be clear I do not think there will be actual new Pokemon in this game aside from new forms. I am pretty sure the 300 Pokemon will consist entirely of already established Pokemon. But I would love to be wrong!

Evan_BApril 13, 2012

^I would love to be wrong as well. New Pokemon would make this game much more desireable, and would justify the idea that Black and White are supposed to reinvent Pokemon.

My main problem with this game in general is that it's so formulaic. Sure, they've changed the map a bit, but that's still not the kind of quality we saw from Gold and Silver, which were much more sequel-y in concept. With the amount of development time that went into this game, I highly doubt there's many mechanic changes going on. When I imagined a fully-realized Pokemon sequel, I expected a lot more content than a couple new towns.

Pokemon's never been about story for me, and I have no qualms admitting Black and White's stories didn't interest me one bit. I cared very little for the linearity in those games, not only in gameplay but also in the environments. The "sprawling" city we got was three streets. The illusion of space was given to us but not the actual thing itself. That really hurt the game to me, and I would very much appreciate a second go around with this game, IF it was higher quality. But it looks like more of the same.

The 300 Pokemon counts the 144 or so that were previously available in the postgame areas of Black and White. The only new Pokemon, for a certain definition of "new" are the new Kyruem form(e)s.

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