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Metroid Coming to eShop in Japan Next Week

by Danny Bivens - February 22, 2012, 4:08 am PST
Total comments: 1 Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/eshop/vc/tadj/index...., (NCL)

All 3DS owners in Japan will soon have a chance to try Samus Aran's first adventure.

The Famicom Disk System version of Metroid will be available on the eShop in Japan on February 29 for 500 yen.

Metroid was originally released in 1986 in Japan on the Famicom Disk System and then  later released in Europe and North America in 1987 on the Nintendo Entertainment System.The title has been re-released on other Nintendo hardware including the Game Boy Advance, Wii Virtual Console, and the Nintendo 3DS as a part of the 3DS Ambassador Program last summer.

Metroid is the 50th Virtual Console game for the 3DS in Japan.


RazorkidFebruary 22, 2012

Finally! This means that the US release is near and I can finally update my ambassador version to be able to use save states. This game and FE:Sacred Stones are the 2 games I can't wait to be able to save anytime with.

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