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Nintendo of America Dates Their Big Games for Q1 2012

by Daan Koopman - December 13, 2011, 6:01 am EST
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Plus the full title for the upcoming Jett Rocket game!

Not to be outdone by Europe, Nintendo of America announced the dates for their upcoming software in the first quarter of 2012. Among the casualties are Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Party 9, PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond and Rhythm Heaven Fever.

There aren't many suprises found on this list, although two things on the Nintendo eShop list deserve a mention. First off, there is Kirby's Block Ball, a Game Boy classic that we will possibly see pop up on the 3DS Virtual Console in the months to come. Next to this, we found a listing for Jett Rocket Super Surf, which could be the new Jett Rocket title mentioned by developer Shin'en earlier in the year.

For all the upcoming titles, retail and download, check out the list below.

Nintendo 3DS

2K Play
Nicktoons MLB 3D - March

Resident Evil® Revelations - Feb. 7

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
METAL GEAR SOLID® 3D Snake Eater - Q1
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 - January

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
TEKKEN 3D Prime Edition™ - February
Tales of the Abyss® - Feb. 14

Kid Icarus: Uprising - March 23

Published by SEGA® of America
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™ - Feb. 14

SEGA® of America

NCIS The Video Game (Based on the TV Series) - March 6
Horses 3D - March 6
Funky Barn - Q1
Rayman® Origins - Q1

Nintendo eShop

Collecting Smiles
Colors! 3D - Q1

NightSky - Q1

Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword - Q1
Dillon's Rolling Western - Q1
Kirby's Block Ball™ - Q1

Renegade Kid
Mutant Mudds - Q1

Shin'en Multimedia
Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH - Q1
Jett Rocket Super Surf - Q1

Mighty Switch Force - Q1

Zen Studios
Zen Pinball - Q1


2K Sports
MLB 2K12 - March 6

GameMill Entertainment
Country Dance™ Special Edition - Feb. 1

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Karaoke Joysound - Q1

Rhythm Heaven Fever - Feb. 13
PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond - Feb. 27
Mario Party 9 - March 11


La Mulana - Q1

Nintendo DS™ Family

2K Sports
MLB 2K12 - March 6

Shin Megami Tensei®: Devil Survivor™ 2 - February

GameMill Entertainment
Silverlicious™ - March 20
Xia Xia™ - March 20
Gogo's Crazy Bones™ - March 20

Mentor Interactive
Chess for Kids - Feb. 14
NARABA: The Labyrinth of Light - Feb. 21
NARABA: The Mysterious Palace - Feb. 21

Nintendo DSiWare™

Box Pusher - Q1

Cake Ninja - Q1



CericDecember 13, 2011

February 27 I know one Dinosaur of an Alaskan will be excited.
On the 3DS there are a couple games I might pick up.  Wii not so much.

Retro DeckadesDecember 13, 2011

Glad to see that La Mulana still exists. Bloody hell.

leahsdadDecember 13, 2011

Quote from: OneTwenty

Glad to see that La Mulana still exists. Bloody hell.

Oh man, I think I first read a preview about that game 2 years ago.  2. years. ago.  A Wiiware title!  Mario platformers have taken less time to develop.  Console platformers!

On another note, did I read that correctly, where it says Devil Survivor 2 is Wiiware? 

TJ SpykeDecember 13, 2011

Quote from: leahsdad

On another note, did I read that correctly, where it says Devil Survivor 2 is Wiiware? 

No, it's under the "Nintendo DS Family" section, Daan just didn't bold it. La Mulana is the only WiiWare game on the list.

Odie5776December 13, 2011

When I first saw MP9, I was like"What! I'm so gettin that!"And truly am getting it! It comes out a day before My Birthday!

Killer_Man_JaroTom Malina, Associate Editor (Europe)December 13, 2011

Two retail games (RE: Revelations and CRUSH3D) and a handful of eShop games are on my radar for Q1. Good that the momentum built up this month seems to continue on into early next year.

Fatty The HuttDecember 13, 2011

Is "Night Sky" Nicalis' former WiiWare "Night Game" that never came out, retooled for 3DSWare? If so, hooray. I have been waiting for that game since the fist very cool looking trailer I saw on IGN several years ago now.

nickmitchDecember 13, 2011

Is that Kirby's Block Ball as in VC or 3D Classics or maybe a new game? I'm assuming VC.

Mop it upDecember 13, 2011

Quote from: nickmitch

Is that Kirby's Block Ball as in VC or 3D Classics or maybe a new game? I'm assuming VC.

Yeah, it's the VC.

TJ SpykeDecember 13, 2011

I good way to tell the difference between 3D Classics and regular retro eShop games is that the 3D Classics have that in their name (i.e. 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure). Also, the Classics line is limited (so far) to NES games and Block Ball was a Game Boy game.

TrueNerdDecember 13, 2011

Sooo is that Sakura Samurai game a big deal?

EDIT: Just watched the trailer. It could have potential...

AVDecember 13, 2011

I really hope DSiware dies within the 1st quarter of next year. I don't have room for anymore DSiware games unless I start deleting stuff because of stupid restriction.I got plenty of room on 4 Gig SD card.

rlse9December 13, 2011

What are the odds 2K Sports does a decent job on MLB 2K12?  Probably not good but I can hope, it's been disappointing that there haven't been more good baseball games for Wii.

Quote from: rlse9

What are the odds 2K Sports does a decent job on MLB 2K12?

Based on previous Wii entries in the series, virtually nonexistant.

And while I liked Nicktoons MLB on DS enough to give it an 8, I wish they'd made a full fledged MLB game for 3DS instead of another Nicktoons game.

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