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Tales of the Abyss Is Set to Be Released in North America

by Pedro Hernandez - April 28, 2011, 8:58 pm PDT
Total comments: 8 Source: (Nintendo Power)

Nintendo Power details the announcement.

The 3DS title, Tales of the Abyss, will be released in North America.

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, a page spread featuring artwork from the game confirms that the game will be released in North America. It states the following:

"The modern RPG classic Tales of the Abyss is about to be retold on the 3DS. Yes, even in America!"

Tales of the Abyss is a remake of the 2005 PlayStation 2 title of the same name, which was given a North American release. The 3DS title will be released in Japan on June 30.


TurdFurgyApril 28, 2011

I never heard of it. Is it any good?

Scatt-ManApril 28, 2011

Methinks it's just another Tales game, 'cept a lot less special than the Gamecube's Tales of Symphonia. I'ma buy it regardless, as I quite enjoyed ToS: Dawn of the New World, despite mass opinion. I didn't play the GC version by the way, so that probably has something to do with it.

motangApril 29, 2011

I was planning on getting this game when it came out on the PS2 (as I love Symphonia), but never did. I might get it on the 3DS.  ;D

CericApril 29, 2011

I loved the ToS series but I never finished the second one.  Just got bored of it.

Hello RFN Episode 271 - Episode 274

CericApril 29, 2011

Quote from: Crimm

Hello RFN Episode 271 - Episode 274

RFN of the Abyss.

Hey I think thats the same day Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me is in Nashville.

cricarraApril 29, 2011

Cannot wait. Sold my PS2 and never got around to buying this. I heard load times were a huge issue with the original and this version is supposed to improve them.

This was actually announced on my birthday, so it made my day even better. Abyss is one of my favorite Tales games and I would love to have the excuse to sink another hundred hours into it.

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