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Cave Story 3D Still Being Published by NIS America

by Aaron Kaluszka - April 21, 2011, 4:16 pm EDT
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Retailers listing Atlus likely due to distribution deal.

Cave Story 3D is still being published by NIS America, not Atlus, as certain retailers have indicated. In actuality, Atlus is involved in distribution.

NeoGAF member Father_Brain noticed that some retailers had changed the publisher of Cave Story 3D from NIS America to Atlus. We asked Nicalis Producer Tyrone Rodriguez to clarify the situation. He responded with the following:

The retailers are incorrect. NIS America is the publisher. However, as you may know, various publishers have existing distribution agreements with one another. In the case of Cave Story 3D, NIS America is working with Atlus for distribution.

Nicalis also posted a highly pixelated rendition of the game's box art on their Twitter account, promising a high resolution version soon.



Mop it upApril 21, 2011

Wait, this is going to be a retail release instead of through the digital shop? Is there going to be significant extra content to warrant the higher price (which I'm assuming will still be $40)?

Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusApril 21, 2011

With NISA games, you sometimes see retailers list Atlus or Koei as the publisher. NISA historically always used one or the other to distribute their games.

TurdFurgyApril 21, 2011

that looks like Link in the picture.

It's Curly Brace.

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