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Capcom Ships Over One Million Copies of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

by Matthew Blundon - April 9, 2011, 4:27 pm PDT
Total comments: 10 Source: http://www.capcom.co.jp/sf4/3DS/index.html, Capcom Japan

Capcom's debut Nintendo 3DS title is set to become a best-seller.

Since the launch of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition a little under two months ago, Capcom has shipped over one million copies of the game to retailers worldwide.

This figure means that SSFIV 3D is set to become one of Capcom's most successful handheld titles in recent times, second to the Japanese phenomenon known as Monster Hunter.


OblivionApril 09, 2011

Pretty sure "shipped" isn't the same as "sold".

BlackNMild2k1April 09, 2011

I'm sure that nowhere in the article did he confuse "shipped" with "sold".

If it's sold to the retailer, especially this early on, it's because the retailer believes that it will sell them through to customers.

But this is good news and I hope it leads to a MvC3DS this fall.

OblivionApril 09, 2011

No, you're the confused one. I didn't say he was confusing the two. What I'm saying is, just because they SHIPPED that many, doesn't make it a successful title.

BlackNMild2k1April 09, 2011

It's the best and most recognizable title from the 3DS launch. If they shipped 1mill WW, then I'm sure the sell through is pretty good too (What else are people gonna buy for 3DS at the moment?). If Capcom is just now reporting that they shipped 1 million then that means they have already gotten a restock order which means that the game is obviously selling.

We won't have solid US #'s till Thursday (NPD) and who knows when or if EUR #'s ever show up, but Capcom having got the order from retailers to ship them 1million units is a good sign for future Capcom fighters on the 3DS.

So I am not the one that is confused as to how "shipped" vs "sold" works nor did I feel the need to point it out as if everyone else didn't either.

SupaKirbApril 09, 2011

Hey, this is pretty good news.

Also BlackNMild, thank you for clearing that up... that makes sense.

Kytim89April 09, 2011

I hope RE Revelations does this well so that we can get more games of that caliber.

TGMApril 10, 2011

There isn't much news about how well SSFIV is selling outside of Japan, but by my generous estimate it has sold roughly 500K by now.

KDR_11kApril 10, 2011

They definitely have huge piles on store shelves. Let's see them actually sell through those.

CericApril 11, 2011

MvC3 I would love to have on the 3DS.  I just can't justify getting a fighter for the console where squeezing in a few matches is somewhat complicated compared to the 3DS.

PonchApril 11, 2011

Since the game is in 3D, it technically counts as 2 million shipped, but they're not legally allowed to announce that number.

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