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Okamiden Release Date Set

by Neal Ronaghan - November 2, 2010, 3:55 pm PDT
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The DS sequel is coming to a handheld near you in March 2011.

Capcom announced a March 15, 2011 release date for Okamiden today.

The sequel to Okami, the critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 and Wii game, Okamiden takes place months after the original, putting players in control of Chibiterasu, the son of the original game's protagonist.

GameStop will have an exclusive pre-order bonus, including a paint brush stylus and a screen cleaner featuring art from the game.

There is also a Facebook application that will feature giveaways ranging from a 3DS to copies of the game. Also, there is a game on the Facebook page that allows players to draw Goblin Face Graffiti on their friend's pictures.



OK, so that gives me exactly 5 months and 13 days to finish Okami.

Looks like they are hoping to piggyback on 3DS mania. I don't know what other reason there could be for taking six months for the localization.

PeachylalaNovember 02, 2010

Then the release has to have some sort of quirk when you put it into the 3DS. If the launch games don't incur that much excitement, then OkamiDen may have some luck in getting sales. If not... =(

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