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Casual and Hardcore Gamers Interested in 3D Gaming

by Pedro Hernandez - June 18, 2010, 1:38 pm PDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Edge Online

According to a new CEA study, interest in 3D gaming is widespread.

According to a new study by the Consumer Electronics Association, 64 percent of people interested in 3D gaming were avid gamers, while 35 percent of those interested were casual gamers. They also found that 31 percent of avid gamers said that they plan to buy a 3D enabled console within the next year, 27 percent plan to purchase a 3D capable display, and 24 percent intend to pick up a portable 3D gaming device. Seven percent of casual gamers said they plan to purchase a 3D game console in the next 12 months.

Of those polled, 58 percent expected to watch 3D movies on the devices, while 51 percent will want to use them to navigate the internet.

The most common concern among all players is the availability of 3D games at launch as well as the cost of 3D games and devices.

During Nintendo’s E3 conference, the 3DS was presented as a glasses-free 3D gaming platform, with the ability to play 3D games at launch as well as display 3D photos and movies.


Ian SaneJune 18, 2010

The "plan to buy a 3D enabled console" stat is kind of biased since the PS3 is technically a 3D enabled console but that doesn't mean the people that plan to buy it are doing so because of that.

I figure that people will play 3D games if they involve the genres and types of games they normally like to play.  But even then that doesn't mean 3D will encourage them to buy a game.  They just might think that 3D would be a cool feature in games they otherwise would have bought anyway.

My interest in the 3DS is more based on the fact that Nintendo will stop supporting the DS and if I want to get the latest games I'll have to update.  Ask me "would you consider buying a 3DS in the next few years" and I would probably say "yes" and then I'm part of the 24 percent planning on picking up a portable 3D gaming device, even though I don't really care about 3D.

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