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Nintendo Explains Metroid, Sin & Punishment Delays

by Andy Goergen - April 27, 2010, 8:02 am EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: IGN

An explanation has been offered up by the Big N for the release date shuffling.

Nintendo declared that the reason behind the recent delays of Metroid: Other M and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor was due to the high standards for the producers and developers involved, according to a statement given to IGN.

The company said: "As you may know, this game is the product of a unique partnership between longtime Metroid producer Yoshio Sakamoto, Team Ninja, and many other individuals and groups, all of whom have set very high standards for this latest installment in the series. Although it's taking slightly longer than expected to complete the project, we're confident that fans will find it to be well worth the wait."

The other delayed title, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, was pushed back for a different reason.

"We're striving to provide the best possible pacing for our summer game launches," the statement said. "A June 27 launch allows gamers to enjoy Sin & Punishment: Star Successor without having to rush through Super Mario Galaxy 2."

Super Mario Galaxy 2 launches on May 23. Metroid: Other M is set to launch on August 31. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor will launch on June 27.


nickmitchApril 27, 2010

Exucse #1: It still isn't good enough.
Excuse #2: The first delay fucked up our release schedule.

Still, works for me. I haven't picked up NMH:DS or Red Steel  yet.

TJ SpykeApril 27, 2010

This will probably help Sin & Punishment as it gives it more time for itself.

NinGurl69 *hugglesApril 27, 2010

Nintendo could promise to make StarFox Wii if people bought Sin & Punishment 2.  (then totally not deliver any StarFox)

It'd be a great Capcom-ish move.

ControlerFleXApril 27, 2010

I dont recall Nintendo giving up many "reasons" for them doing ANYTHING and additionally I believe their "reasons" never being as truthful as this......is our beloved Nintendo turning a new leaf?

StratosApril 27, 2010

Maybe they don't want to cause a 'core Nintendo fan panic' when they start seeing titles delayed all the time. Though that was never a concern for them in the past.

PeachylalaApril 27, 2010

Quote from: Stratos

Maybe they don't want to cause a 'core Nintendo fan panic' when they start seeing titles delayed all the time. Though that was never a concern for them in the past.

They only do it now because whiny ones became even more whiny.

The reason for delaying S&P2 is so obvious that I'm surprised Nintendo explained it so bluntly. What confuses me, though, is why they didn't consider its proximity to Galaxy 2 when the release dates for both games were previously announced. The only thing that has changed since then is Metroid's production delay. But wait... if Metroid is the reason S&P2 got pushed back, then Nintendo's official explanation is a complete lie.

And that's why they usually don't bother to give reasons.

BlackNMild2k1April 28, 2010

Maybe pre-orders are through the roof for Galaxy 2 so it had something to do with S&P2 delay too.

The game is selling for practically $30 w/ $20 off your next purchase at Walmart & Amazon.

redgiementalMay 03, 2010

For once living in Europe may pay off.

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