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Max & the Magic Marker Direct-Feed Footage

by Jon Lindemann - February 27, 2010, 7:55 am EST
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If you don't know about this WiiWare game, now you do. And it's awesome. And you should buy it on March 8.

NWR had a chance to go hands-on with Press Play's incredibly cool upcoming WiiWare title Max & the Magic Marker. Reminiscent of Scribblenauts, you draw objects on the screen with your Wii Remote, and they appear exactly as you draw them. It easier to show than describe, so on to the direct-feed footage!

This first video shows an early tutorial level.

Our second video shows the navigation of a trickier, more advanced level.

Max & the Magic Marker is scheduled for a March 8 release on WiiWare.

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