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SEGA Announces U.S. Release Date for Sands of Destruction

by Chuck Jose - July 11, 2009, 12:50 am EDT
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Series also looks to have an anime series.

Sega has given a January 2010 North American release window for their DS fantasy adventure title Sands of Destruction. The game takes place in a world where oceans are made from sand, forcing its occupants to travel via large sand ships. You play as Kyrie, a loner who is dragged into the increasing turmoil between humans and the Therian race. The Therians are beast-like creatures who use their great strength to force humans to live under their control.

Alongside the release date, a partnership was announced with Funimation to produce an anime series based on the title. Funimation will begin airing the first season come Spring 2010. The anime will be directed by Shunsuke Tada and produced by Production IG, who is well known for their Ghost in the Shell series.

Be sure to check out the trailer below, and all the screenshots for lots of gameplay action.


SEGA® Corporation announced that it has finalized a licensing partnership with Funimation Entertainment for rights to produce home entertainment, broadcast/digital content, and merchandise for the first season (13 episodes) of the Sands of Destruction fantasy adventure anime series. The anime series is based on the Sands of Destruction RPG video game from SEGA that will be available on Nintendo DS™ in January 2010.

Sands of Destruction the anime will be a fantasy adventure series directed by Shunsuke Tada and produced by Production IG best known for the Ghost in the Shell series. In Japan, the series is known as World Destruction: Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokunin™ and has received critical acclaim.

Sands of Destruction takes place on a planet where the oceans are made of sand and inhabitants must travel aboard huge sand ships. Constant battles rage between two organizations; humans and a dominant race of Therian beings. Therians are humanoid in appearance, but possess great physical strength and beast-like characteristics. Therians are able to use their fierce strength to force humans to live under their control. Kyrie, the hero of this story, lives a life of solitude. He wanders from place to place since having lost his parents as a child. He is resigned to accept things as they are because he believes it is futile to try to change anything in the oppressive world he lives in; that is until Kyrie meets Morte, a mysterious girl who is a member of the "World Destruction Committee". She is determined to destroy the planet, hoping to free it from the tyrannical rule of the Therians. After this chance encounter with Morte, Kyrie is dragged into a conflict that will dictate mankind’s future.

Featuring an all-star team of Japanese RPG developers and a sweeping soundtrack by composer Yasunori Mitsuda, Sands of Destruction the video game utilizes both the upper and lower Nintendo DS™ screens for its dynamic battle system, including major boss battles where colossal monsters take up both DS screens. Mixing traditional turn-based tactics with fighting game mechanics to create an intense gameplay experience, Sands of Destruction also features an innovative "Quip system" where characters chant inspiring battle commands that enhance abilities and boost attributes to give them various advantages during battle. As the story unfolds new battle commands will be discovered and gamers will be able to customize the different commands to each character.

FUNimation Entertainment will release the first season of the series in spring 2010.


KDR_11kJuly 11, 2009

The anime series has aired some time ago in Japan, are you sure they had Funimation produce one instead of simply localize it?

Dirk TemporoJuly 11, 2009

Oh good, another JRPG that should have been on the Wii.

StratosJuly 14, 2009

Quote from: Dirk

Oh good, another JRPG that should have been on the Wii.

I think Nostalgia should have been on the Wii.

I just can't fully adapt to the pixelated 3D in these DS RPGs like FF3&4. Especially with nice cutscenes it is very jarring ro go back to in-game graphics.

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