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Kentaro Hisai Discusses Spectrobes: Origins

by Francesca DiMola - February 20, 2009, 10:05 am PST
Total comments: 2 Source: IGN

The popular DS series is headed to Wii, and producer Kentaro Hisai has revealed a number of new details through an IGN interview.

Disney's adventure series Spectrobes is being expanded with a new title, Spectrobes: Origins. In addition to being on Wii, it will be an "evolution of the series," according to producer Kentaro Hisai.

Spectrobes: Origins will continue the series' storyline from the second Spectrobes game, Beyond the Portals on DS. Hisai explains that players who have yet to experience a Spectrobes title "won't be left behind" as the game features flashbacks to keep the player up-to-date on previous happenings in the storyline. Hisai's goal is to make the game appealing to both fans and new entrants to the series.

Many familiar features of the previous titles will return including the ability to explore, excavate, train, and evolve the Spectrobes; even the main characters Rallen and Jeena will return. A number of "popular" Spectrobes will return in Origins, along with many new species. Hisai unveiled one new Spectrobe, Pegatinum, who will have the ability to carry Rallen across planets, significantly altering gameplay.

Unlike the previous title, the production team has shifted the focus of Spectrobes: Origins towards more of an adventure title than an RPG. Players can now control Rallen directly and his expanded combat abilities have allowed him a stronger presence in the upcoming title. Along with enhanced combat, players will have the ability to immediately switch the creature that fights alongside Rallen.

The production team is making it a point to "harness the Wii controls in a unique way" while still "staying true" to Spectrobes' roots. Players will navigate planets, battle large scale enemies, and excavate fossils using the Wii Remote while gaining a "stronger connection to their creatures" through the Wii Remote's speaker.

Re-designed control wasn't the only factor that could be innovated by moving to the Wii. "Larger and more epic" cut scenes were possible due to the "expansion in graphical capability." The team's ultimate goal is to produce video quality similar to that of the "popular" Spectrobes webisodes. Hisai stated that although they have set their expectations for graphics high, they feel that they "can achieve them."

While questions were raised on whether or not Origins will feature an online community similar to those in the previous DS titles, Hisai simply stated that they "look forward to sharing more details at a later time."


KDR_11kFebruary 21, 2009

As I recall all these extra features like digging didn't go down well with the last NWR reviewer?

It is just me, or does this look and sound like a poor man's Monster Hunter?  Hard to get excited for it when MH3 is coming to Wii this year.

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