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Brash Entertainment Shuts Down

by Neal Ronaghan - November 17, 2008, 9:18 pm EST
Total comments: 17 Source: LA Times

The Hollywood-based game company with a focus on movie games has reportedly shut down after a year and a half of existence.

The LA Times is reporting that the Hollywood-based video game company, Brash Entertainment, has closed its doors as of last Friday.

Emerging a year and a half ago promising "to reinvent games based on movies and television shows," Brash learned the hard way that video games and movies do not operate on the same schedule. After the company's first few games fell flat, their investors slowly began to back out, beginning with the head of Legendary Pictures in the spring and continuing all the way until last month when Larry Shapiro, Brash's chief creative officer, quit to join Oddworld Inhabitants.

Brash Entertainment only released four games over the past year, beginning with Alvin & The Chipmunks and continuing with Jumper: Griffin's Story, Space Chimps, and Six Flags: Fun Park. All but the last game was based off of a film property. Brash is still slated to release a game based off of the upcoming film, Tales of Desperaux this December. It is unlikely that the company's promised game based off of the Saw film franchise will ever see the light of day.

Earlier this year, Brash announced that they were going to be working with Factor 5 on an unspecified game slated to be revealed at E3 2008 and set to release in 2010. However, the game announcement never came. It was rumored in a recent issue of Variety that the game was based off of DC Comics' Superman. Variety also lists other properties that Brash Entertainment held the license for that they never officially announced such as Prison Break, Night at the Museum 2, Clash of the Titans, and Frank Miller's 300.


Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusNovember 18, 2008

Good riddance that's one shovel ware publisher gone. I still wonder why Factor 5 of all people would partner with them.

EnnerNovember 18, 2008

I'm betting misery loved company.

KDR_11kNovember 18, 2008

And nothing of value was lost.

Who the heck gave these guys VC capital?  I want to find them, I have a game company I want to start up.

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusNovember 19, 2008

It's probably just some name dropping from licensing some tech from Factor 5.

I am surprised they managed to pump out 4 games over one and a half years. They must have been shooting real low.

ThePermNovember 20, 2008

i wonder what would happen if the nwr forum regulars formed a video game company and were given the capital to make it work

IceColdNovember 21, 2008

Ahahaha that would be a clusterfuck.

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusNovember 21, 2008

I say it would depend on the amount of capital and time. 6 months and 100k with barely get you out of sudoku territory. 1 million and 2 years might actually produce something reviewable on NWR. Although some people here no matter how much money or time wouldn't be able to produce a game because they are never happy with it.

You know who you are.

PlugabugzNovember 21, 2008

Imagine what would then happen if this game was produced by nintendo..

MaleficentOgreNovember 21, 2008

I'm really sorry people lost their jobs. I think it's unfortunate that the people who worked there have to go out and try to find new jobs when other companies are closing down and all that's going to be said about it is "YAY."

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusNovember 22, 2008

The fact that this company shouldn't have existed in the first place is damning. Producing products that are only a step or two away from a 100 monkeys on a 100 computers should never be excused.

The one saving grace is that these guys didn't produce anything that people actually need like food.

Brash had the taint of Acclaim all over it since day one.

PlugabugzNovember 24, 2008

Quote from: Lindy

I want to find them, I have a game company I want to start up.

Lindemann Gaming Orgasmatron Inc?

ThePermFebruary 04, 2009

Quote from: ThePerm

i wonder what would happen if the nwr forum regulars formed a video game company and were given the capital to make it work

Nevermind, i've heard some ironic news which i won't divulge, but its damn funny

KDR_11kFebruary 04, 2009


ThePermFebruary 06, 2009

well basically, i would look up the lead programmer of any of Brash's games and do a search of any pgc poster. I commend the effort of anyone who figures it out. I just don't want to totally out the pgc member because they are totally embarrassed of having worked on it. Although, the game in question had only a 5 month dev time and it wasn't their fault it was bad, it was the producers fault because it was only a 5 month dev time.

in retrospect, i envy people who have even worked on bad games.

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