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Trackmania Races To DS This November

by Neal Ronaghan - October 23, 2008, 1:10 pm EDT
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The popular PC series that has a mantra of "play it, and you’ll be hooked" is heading to Europe on November 21.

Ascaron and 93 Games recently announced a November 21 European release date for Trackmania DS. Featuring jumps, loops, and over one hundred circuits, Trackmania DS brings the popular PC racing series to the Nintendo DS. The game features three single-player modes and vehicle types ranging from the popular Stadium environment to the new Rally and Desert modes.



"Play it, and you’ll be hooked." That is the TrackMania message. Simple, addictive and to the point.

TrackMania DS allows players to drive at mind-blowing speeds in hi-octane racers on incredible tracks made of jumps, loops, turbo boost pads and other crazy design features. Ascaron and 93 Games will release TrackMania DS on 21st November 2008, providing players with more than a hundred circuits to tear around, in three distinct single-player modes.

The Desert, Rally and Stadium environments have been expertly implemented onto the handheld, ensuring that TrackMania on Nintendo DS pushes the boundaries of the format.

Rally courses require expert handling across dirt paths, asphalt roads and winding, hilly tracks. In the Desert environment players negotiate chain bridges and giant potholes through dusty, stony canyons. When racing in Stadium, the most famous TrackMania environment, it is all about speed and style as cars power-slide and skid around corners at blistering pace.

Each environment has its own vehicle type, delivering three unique styles of gameplay. Rally tracks put players in an ultra light vehicle with immense power and great handling. In the stony canyons of the Desert it’s down to sensitive suspension and handling skills, while the iconic TrackMania car, a stylised F1 racer, is unleashed for players in the Stadium environment.

"If ever a game deserved to be the new craze, TrackMania is that game," stated Alan Wild, International Product Manager at Ascaron Entertainment. "Words don’t do the game justice… literally. Play it, and you’ll be hooked. Therein lies the TrackMania ethos. This is gaming as it’s meant to be."

Ascaron and 93 Games will release TrackMania DS on November 21st 2008, providing the millions of Nintendo DS players worldwide with a whole new racing experience on a thoroughly addictive handheld version.

Fast facts:

Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment / 93 Games

Web: www.Ascaron.com / www.trackmania.com

Developer: Firebrand

Release date: November 21st 2008

Price: £29.99

PEGI: 3+ (Expected)

Format: Nintendo DS

Genre: Racing

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