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European Wii Speak Channel Confirmed for December 5

by Greg Leahy - October 7, 2008, 1:45 pm EDT
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The "socially inclusive" online communication utility will go live on the same day that Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City launches across the region.

Nintendo of Europe has announced that the Wii Speak Channel, a tool for Wii owners to communicate online with up to three other Wii consoles anywhere in the world, will be available to use on December 5—the same day that the Wii Speak accessory and Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City go on sale (both together and separately) across the region.

Promising a unique "socially inclusive" kind of online interaction through the free-to-use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the Wii Speak Channel uses the speaker phone-like properties of the Wii Speak accessory to allow everyone gathered around a console to be heard, so up to four roomfuls of people can chat with each other at the same time. Miis can be assigned to users to represent them on-screen, matching the audio received by Wii Speak to create virtual conversations between the avatars.

"Private Friend Codes" will need to be exchanged in order to connect to other Wii consoles through the Wii Speak Channel, so it would appear that the service will use unique codes and not simply Wii Numbers, which are currently used for the exchange of text and pictures via the Wii Message Board.


Wii Speak Channel and Wii Speak accessory will connect friends and family and herald the next evolution of social gaming

Socialising and communicating with friends and family has just got easier – and more fun – as the new Wii Speak accessory and Wii Speak Channel are launched for Wii across Europe on 5 December 2008.

Wii Speak enables people to connect to and communicate with friends using the free-to-use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection* in a way that is very socially inclusive. Wii Speak can be connected directly to the console and pick up the conversations from an entire room of people, meaning friends and families can all get involved in conversations, sharing gaming and social experiences together. It’s just like using a phone to make a call and chat with other Wii-friends: but with Wii Speak, everyone in the room can get involved in the conversation.

The new Wii Speak Channel, accessed from the Wii’s main menu, allows up to four console users – who can be anywhere in the world – to connect together to chat, or to share pictures and text messages at no extra cost. Once connected, the Wii Speak Channel brings user’s Miis to life: as users’ Miis represent them on-screen during their conversations. When players are talking to each other, their Miis also ‘talk’ to match the sound that is being picked up by the Wii Speak accessory.

Users have to share their private Friend Codes to be able to communicate with each other, which makes the experience safe and fun.

As well as enabling people to connect together through the Wii Speak Channel, Wii Speak also opens up a new world of social gameplay. The first game to use the full capabilities of Wii Speak is Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City, in which players can create and share their personalised worlds.

For the first time, friends can chat in the game and, as the action happens in real time and creates a world in which players celebrate real festivals and events, sharing the gaming experience over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on Christmas Day will be a uniquely magical experience, with characters and other players in the game all joining in the festive fun! Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City and the Wii Speak microphone will be offered as a bundle at launch, making a perfect gift for friends and family this Christmas.

In the future, Wii Speak will be incorporated into other Wii games, meaning that new opportunities can be created for social gameplay amongst the console’s fans.

Enjoy a whole new use for your Wii with Wii Speak and enjoy the chance to create – and talk about – the perfect world that you create in Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City on 5th December 2008, when they launch across Europe both as a bundle and sold separately.

  • There are no fees or subscriptions to pay (Usual broadband line rental and Internet Service Provider costs apply when accessing the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection at home)


Nick DiMolaNick DiMola, Staff AlumnusOctober 07, 2008

Oh man, another friend code for the Wii Speak too! Why Nintendo, why!?

Nothing says socially inclusive like having to keep track of the equivalent of 2 new phone numbers

NinGurl69 *hugglesOctober 07, 2008

Keep track?  That is mistaken.  FC's are fire&forget... until the persons Wii breaks and gets replaced.

TansunnOctober 07, 2008

Still, it's annoying that EVERYTHING has its own individual code instead of just using the system code for everything. 

DAaaMan64October 07, 2008

It's not annoying. It's the worst thing ever.

NinGurl69 *hugglesOctober 07, 2008

Yeah, differences.

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