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BPM Racing Announced for WiiWare

by Jared Rosenberg - September 30, 2008, 10:45 am EDT
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A racer that aims to blend music with driving in a unique way.

Today, YUKE'S Company of America revealed that it will publish an innovative new driving game, BPM Racing for WiiWare. The game aims to combine high speed racing with adrenaline pumping electronic music to create an enjoyable, visceral experience.

Keeping the rhythm during the race will allow drivers to go faster, have more control, and earn multipliers. Players can also gain the ability to mix up the games soundtrack.

BPM Racing will be the first of a collection of titles YUKE'S Company of America plans to release onto Nintendo's downloadable service. At the moment, BPM Racing is expected to zoom onto WiiWare sometime in early 2009.

BPM Racing Gets the Green Light

YUKE'S Company of America To Bring Innovative Rhythm Racing Title To WiiWare

CHICAGO - Sept. 30, 2008 - YUKE'S Company of America, the U.S. publishing arm of Japanese game developer YUKE'S Company Limited, today announced it will be publishing BPM Racing for WiiWare™. Set to turn heads out of the starting gate and turn up the volume on television sets, BPM Racing complements white knuckle racing with a pulsating, diverse electronic soundtrack for a complete visual and audio driving experience. Riders will be rewarded for staying in rhythm with increased speeds, handling, and score multipliers, even getting the opportunity to be the DJ by adding their own samples and effects to various soundtracks.

"The racing genre is ripe for a new, innovative direction and increasing the aural experience seemed like an obvious choice." said Ken Koyama, Director of Business Development at YUKE'S Company of America. "BPM Racing will reinvent the relationship between a racing game and its soundtrack."

BPM Racing isn't the only title being driven onto WiiWare by YUKE'S Company of America. "We have several titles in addition to BPM currently planned for WiiWare," added Ken. "The opportunity to be a part of Nintendo's surge into the online market is very exciting."

BPM Racing is scheduled for release in early 2009.


D_AverageSeptember 30, 2008

Sounds interesting, but considering there last game "Double D Dodgeball" bombed miserably, I'll be sticking to Burnout with Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" blasting in the background for now.

DjunknownSeptember 30, 2008


"The racing genre is ripe for a new, innovative direction and increasing the aural experience seemed like an obvious choice."

Audio Surf says hi! :P

MarioOctober 01, 2008

Not really racing. Then again is this? Who knows, if so i'm interested.

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