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Nintendo Channel to Launch in North America with WiiWare

by James Jones - April 23, 2008, 10:33 pm EDT
Total comments: 7 Source: Game|Life

Known as Everybody's Nintendo Channel in Japan, it features videos, player reviews, and DS demos.

When WiiWare launches in North America on May 12th it will be joined by the release of the Nintendo Channel. The service launched in Japan in November of last year, under the title "Everybody's Nintendo Channel."

The new channel will feature video features, user recommendations, images, release schedules, and DS demos that the Wii can wirelessly upload to Nintendo's handheld. The channel will also feature integration with Nintendo's WiiWare service in the form of user recommendations. After they've purchased and played a WiiWare game for at least an hour, players will be able to review the game on the Nintendo Channel for others to see. Steven Rodriguez wrote in depth impressions of the Japanese version back when it launched.

The Nintendo Channel will be a free download from the Wii Shop Channel.


ShyGuyApril 24, 2008

The fact that the Metroid channel expired bugs me a bit.

This sounds really cool and I think it's worthy of making room for on my Wii, the highest compliment I can pay a Wii Shop download.

Steven says how big the download is in his impressions.  However, you can almost be certain that our version will be bigger, given the new WiiWare integration.

animecyberratApril 24, 2008

Has the Mario Kart channel launched yet, my Wii has been off for a few days and I haven't' checked for any updates for a while. This actually sounds like something that might get me to pick up my DS more often, which is cool.

TAYREL713April 24, 2008

The Mari Kart Channel comes on the Mario Kart Wii disc. You can add it to the Wii or not, it is not a downloadable channel.

You also don't need to install the Mario Kart channel.  Everything is on the disk and you can run it just fine in-game.

animecyberratApril 24, 2008

ok that's interesting. I want it anyways so I can use it as a place holder.

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