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EA Reveals Monopoly Video Game

by Neal Ronaghan - April 23, 2008, 10:04 pm EDT
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Hasbro’s famous board game gets updated for video game consoles courtesy of EA Casual.

EA announced that they will bring the popular board game Monopoly to the Wii and other next-gen consoles this fall. The game will use the basic foundations set by the original Monopoly but will be more inspired by the upcoming Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition board game, which will be released at the same time as the video game.

Tentatively titled Monopoly, the game will be able to be played by four players and promises to offer fast gameplay and varied rule sets. By progressing through the game, you will be able to unlock various other boards that will contain landmarks from around the world. This new game will also contain new mini-games that will allow players to do such things as trying to break out of jail.

There is no mention of online play but more details will probably surface over the coming months.


Most Played Board Game in the World Reinvented With a Party Twist For Next-Gen Video Game Platforms

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - April 23, 2008 - The Casual Entertainment Label of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today released additional details on MONOPOLY (working title), the first Hasbro-branded video game set to launch on next-generation consoles including Wii™ and the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system. MONOPOLY will also be appearing on the PLAYSTATION®2 computer entertainment system as well as mobile phones and Pogo.com™. The multiplatform video game is inspired by Hasbro's highly anticipated MONOPOLY HERE & NOW: The World Edition board game. Currently, the MONOPOLY video games are set to release this fall simultaneously with the global launch of the new board game.

The MONOPOLY video games promise a fresh take on the timeless classic with accessible gameplay for players of all ages and skill levels. The all-new digital gaming edition brings a party twist and features 4-player simultaneous play, ensuring that everyone is engaged and allowing the whole family to get involved in the fun and play together. Faster gameplay eliminates downtime freeing up players to wheel and deal their way through some of the most recognizable cities and landmarks from around the world. Families can fill up their passports as they try to unlock new and never-before-seen game boards or challenge each other to fun interactive mini-games like breaking out of the jail cell and running away with all the loot. Play in offline single or multi-player mode and compete to own it all and win!

"EA is taking MONOPOLY'S core gameplay and bringing it to life in a way never before imagined," said Chip Lange, Vice President and General Manager of EA's Casual Label. "With this dynamic take on Hasbro's classic board game, we've accelerated the pace of play, added new interactive mini-game sequences and integrated multi-player moments designed to make MONOPOLY a non-stop party for the whole family."

"It promises to be a very exciting fall for MONOPOLY fans worldwide," said Mark Blecher, General Manager of Digital Media and Gaming at Hasbro. "EA has done a tremendous job of re-imagining the world's most popular board game by remaining true to the traditional gameplay that millions of consumers have come to love while also creating new digital twists that can only be achieved in an interactive world. Rolling the dice and passing go will never be the same."


IceColdApril 24, 2008

Is Bioware Park Place?

Great a port of a 73 year-old game.

Quote from: IceCold

Is Bioware Park Place?

If it is, then Will Wright must be Boardwalk.

I wonder why this isn't coming to the DS, a version for that would interest me if I didn't already have the one with it and three other board games. Come on, EA, give me Risk on the DS.

GoldenPhoenixApril 24, 2008

I'll probably buy it. ::Hides face:: I LOVE Monopoly.

NemoApril 24, 2008

I'll wait until next year's version, because it will be incrementally better.

Nick DiMolaNick DiMola, Staff AlumnusApril 24, 2008

Quote from: IceCold

Is Bioware Park Place?

IceCold wins the thread.

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorApril 24, 2008

Quote from: insanolord

I wonder why this isn't coming to the DS, a version for that would interest me if I didn't already have the one with it and three other board games. Come on, EA, give me Risk on the DS.

Unfortunately, the version on the DS has some *major* flaws in it.

And I want Stratego for the DS (or even the Wii, but preferably the DS) with on-line play. :)

MorariApril 24, 2008


--Bureau of Internet Morality

animecyberratApril 24, 2008

Monopoly is the best board game ever, but as a video game if it's isn't online I won't care cuz the game is no fun by your self and the CPU will kick your ass every time.

Ian SaneApril 24, 2008

As a kid I always found it dumb that boardgames like Monopoly were released in videogame format.  Videogames are expensive while boardgames are cheap.  Boardgames were what us kids, whose parents couldn't afford or didn't approve of videogames, played on a rainy day.  When a new videogame was a rare gift why would you EVER want it wasted on a boardgame your parents probably already owned?  Even if you didn't have Monopoly already why not let some other relative get it for you for your birthday while your parents got you a real game?  No matter how you diced it Monopoly the videogame sounded like something only the supreme biggest loner would have any need for.

Even now I agree with Rat.  Online play with other friends is the only reason this would be worth a sh!t.  Playing Monopoly against bots is lame and if you have your friends over and want to play Monopoly, play the real game.

ReverendNoahWhateleyApril 25, 2008

I'm not much of a Monopoly fan.  It's the whole process of losing that bugs me; it takes forever and you see it coming a good half-hour before it happens.  So a significant portion of the game is just watching one player wriggle like a worm on a hook.  Although, some folks might like that sort of thing.

I do see the appeal of solo board and card games, though.  I'm a huge fan of games like Magic: The Gathering, but as I've aged it's got more difficult to find someone willing for a game.  That's where offerings like the Marvel Trading Card Game for the DS come in.  True, it's not as much fun as playing VS System in real life, but it beats not playing at all.

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