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NWR Hot Topic: December 19, 2007

by James Jones - December 19, 2007, 10:26 am EST

This week: GIFTS!

It’s time for the holidays, and this week, we're keeping it simple. What we want to know is what gaming stuff do you want for your gift-receiving holiday of choice? Let us know and we’ll send your list to Santa and you’ll get it in your stocking!*

*NWR makes no promises for magical gift giving old men, but if you make a good post you may end up here next week! That’s just as good.

Be sure to check the forum rules before posting. You can't post if you're not a member of our forums, so if you want to get a chance to see your reply on Nintendo World Report, register now!

Last week we wanted to know what you thought of Nintendo’s game registration bonus system, and the regional disparity in rewards.

The following are some of the replies we got:

Crimm wrote: I like the NoE plan. I expected there to be some [plan] similar [to this one] before they ever announced it, but I'm surprised to see that NoE took the lead on it. It's not like them to do something before the other regions.

While I can appreciate the high costs of shipping prizes all over the Americas I have to wonder what the cost of shipping new Wii remote wrist straps THEN shipping Wii remote sleeves comes up to per remote. I also wonder what makes the skin for GC (Pokemon XD I think) or the quill stylus much different then the prizes from Club Nintendo.

Mr. Jack wrote: I think a great idea would be offering Virtual Console classics along with the purchase of new games. When I bought Metroid Prime 3, Super Metroid would've made a great bonus to the purchase of the game. Maybe with Super Mario Galaxy, we could've gotten Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels. Games that did not include these types of bonuses could do something similar to Japan and Europe where you are given some type of points that can be use to buy various things. I'd much rather have a system like Japan does rather than what Europe got, but at this point I'd take anything over the nothingness we get from NoA.

Ian Sane wrote: If Europe and Japan get it why not us? Registering our purchases provides Nintendo with beneficial information. Why should we ever provide that sort of thing for free? I don't register anything unless they're offering something I like. Nintendo is a big corporation trying to get my money just like everyone else. Giving them information about my purchases is like giving them free ammunition in the war for my wallet. Now I like Nintendo and they typically make a good product so I don't mind giving them my business. But if they want me to go to extra trouble for something that only benefits them that makes no sense.

pSYCO-gAMER321 wrote: Size of the nation, blah blah blah. I would love to see Nintendo to throw out some club events again like Cube Clubs. However, I feel no use on registering games right after I buy them into the Nintendo's website. Feels... useless. Yeah, wallpapers are great and all, but would love to have bonuses. Maybe give out some coupons through Nintendo website for a registered game? What about bonus content through Virtual Console? I dunno. If NOA isn't going to do what Japan and Europe does, then what else is there to do?

MJRx9000 wrote: They used to send out VHS tapes for Nintendo Power subscribers, so I don't understand how they can be so selectively stingy. The fans love demos and soundtracks, and surely they know how awesome the Zelda compilation was. They are just a backwards, disorganized company and should stick to games.

Infernal Monkey wrote: Hey at least Nintendo gives you [Americans] the option of even registering your crap online! Nintendo Australia still hasn’t heard of the internet yet. But who knows, they might pick up some 33k modems at a dump next year or something and get on board with their 486's.

wrote: planetidiot I would much rather have Wii Points than a bunch of junk, honestly. The stylus pack was nice, and the Zelda compilation was cool, but should have been sold online at the very least. If they're worried about cost, giving away Wii Points is a pretty cheap gift. I don't need t-shirts, figurines, pins or styluses that don't fit in the DS. Games however are pretty cool.

Uncle Bob wrote: Does anyone remember the first promotion Nintendo did with the MyNintendo registrations? It was the Zelda Collection game for the GameCube.

There were three ways you could get this disc. First, you could buy a specially marked GameCube. Second, you could register two games (although there were only four games at the time you could register, Mario Party 5, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Avalanche 1080, and Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga). Finally, you could buy a 1 Year subscription to Nintendo Power for a whopping $20.

And people threw a *fit*.

People screamed and hollered about how Nintendo was screwing them over, that they had bought "X" number of Nintendo games over the years and it wasn't right that they had to buy two more to get the bonus. People cried because they didn't want to spend $20 on Nintendo Power. People were upset the game wouldn't show up in stores for them to just walk in and buy. Then people complained that the shipping took too long and called Nintendo and had a second copy shipped out - then went on to brag how they had two copies and were going to sell the second on eBay.

I don't know if this is mostly an American thing, to feel that just because you've purchased some stuff from a company in the past, that company owes you everything for life, but I have a feeling that this has a lot to do with why Nintendo doesn't offer us anything cool and why I have to buy everything from Club Nintendo off of eBay.

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