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Pokemon DS Cleans Up in Japan

by Steven Rodriguez - February 2, 2007, 12:13 am PST
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Diamond and Pearl ship five million copies in three months over there; April 22 is when we can play the game over here.

In addition to the following press release, Nintendo also released the North American box art for Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. (You can see them in our profile page for the games.) This is of note due to the bright blue circle that is emblazoned in the upper-left hand corner of the package fronts: The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo. Though it was already known that the games were online in Japan, it's still great to see confirmation that America is getting a chance to play Pokémonline.

Here's the full press release.

Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl Break Sales Records in Japan

Anticipation Builds for U.S. Release in April

After more than 10 years as one of the most popular entertainment

franchises in the world, Pokemon® video games are once again shattering

sales records. Just three months after launching on Sept. 28, Pokemon

Diamond and Pokemon Pearl shipped a record-breaking 5 million units to retailers in

Japan, making them the fastest selling Pokemon games ever. More than 155

million copies of the Pokemon series have been sold around the world through September 2006.

With a number of exciting new features, including powerful moves and the exotic "Sinnoh" region setting, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl offer new and experienced fans thrilling new Pokemon adventures. Fans can get an early start on their Pokemon collection in the games with the introduction of a new character in the series, the mysterious Manaphy. A Water-type Pokemon, Manaphy has the power to swap healing effects with other Pokemon through its "Heart

Swap" move.

To harness the power of Manaphy and its "Heart Swap" move, players must

first capture the Manaphy egg hidden within Pokemon Ranger by beating the

story mode of the game and entering the exclusive "Manaphy Egg Code."

Manaphy can then "hatch" in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl via a unique transfer.

Announced on Jan. 20, the "Manaphy Egg Code" can be found on the Manaphy

Web site at www.Manaphy.com. Savvy

Pokemon fans should check in often for new

information on this mysterious character, as well as fun downloads and game

tips. In addition, fans can learn more about Manaphy through its film debut

as the star of Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, to be released on DVD

in the spring.

Pokemon Ranger is rated E for Everyone and is available at retail stores nationwide. Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are rated E for Everyone and will debut in the United States on April 22.


KDR_11kFebruary 01, 2007

Manaphy has the power to swap healing effects with other Pokemon through its "Heart Swap" move.

The first Pokemon game to include in-field transplants? I wonder what other parts we can swap on our Pokemon, then...

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