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One More Holiday for the GBA

by Steven Rodriguez - November 30, 2006, 8:09 pm EST
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At least, says Reggie.

The Nintendo DS has been the star of the handheld game space recently, so it comes as no surprise that the Game Boy Advance has been pushed into obscurity. Does that mean it's all over for the GBA? Not so, says the Regginator.

Speaking to Reuters in New York, NOA's president said Nintendo thinks there's yet some life in the single-screen portable. "We think that Game Boy Advance certainly has at least one more holiday season left in it. For us, it continues to be a great stepping stone for five-, six-, seven-year-old consumers to have their first great handheld gaming experience and then transition right into DS." Reggie also said that both the DS and GBA were on track to meet their sales targets.

Fils-Aime then mentioned the multitude of third party titles that are being released for the system in the coming months. While those have always been a part of the GBA library, everyone knows that Nintendo's own games are what GBA owners really want. Where's Rhythm Heaven? The seven bit Generations games? Mother 3? (Well, maybe not Mother 3.)

The only really big GBA release on the horizon is Final Fantasy VI Advance, currently set with a release date of February 5. The biggest question is, will we see any more Game Boy Advance games after that?

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