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Mega Man on Wii?

by Karl Castaneda - May 16, 2006, 7:26 pm PDT
Total comments: 18 Source: Planet Mega Man

Keiji Inafune sees it as a possibility.

In a recent interview with Planet Mega Man, Capcom's Keiji Inafune discussed what's new for the blue bomber. Eventually, the subject of the franchise on next-gen consoles came up:

Sean: That's really great. And, one really quick last generic question, are you considering any Rockman titles

for the Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 3?

Keiji Inafune: PlayStation 3, probably the target audience that's going to purchase the PlayStation 3, uh, it's

going to be people with a lot more money, and maybe it would not be the most suitable, uh, platform for the

Mega Man series.

Sean: I agree.

Keiji Inafune: However, the Wii definitely has some potential, and it's maybe one where our target audience

could embrace the Mega Man series. So while we haven't planned anything specific now at this time, I think

probably that the potential is the highest on that piece of hardware.

While nothing was confirmed, the positive response by the series' head honcho can only mean good things in the future. Read the interview in its entirety here.


Well given the soft Microsoft impact in Japan, I would say the possibility of a 360 game is pretty low.

But, would he really NEED to develop for the PS3? I think anything that actually USED the PS3 resources meaningfully wouldn't be in sync with the visual style of the Megaman series.


Michael8983May 16, 2006

A 3D Megaman could actually work on the Wii.
Use the analog stick to move around and the Wii-mote to aim the blaster.
This would allow for running and aiming at the same time without needing a dual analog setup which I can't imagine would ever work for the game.

JonLeungMay 16, 2006

The way it's worded (and I don't see how it can be read any other way, actually) is that he thinks people with a lot more money don't like Mega Man.

What is that supposed to mean?

I can imagine a side-story or spin-off Mega Man game as a first-person shooter, but I don't think I'd like it. It might be slightly more suited for the X series, but as for Mega Man (non-X), bleagh. I like the cutesy Mega Man in Mega Man Powered Up. Did people with a lot of money buy a PSP and that?

Okay, maybe Mega Man doesn't have to be that cutesy either (and maybe cutesy doesn't have to exclude first-person perspective) but I don't know about making it 3D and first-person. It doesn't have to be first-person either, I guess, like in Mega Man Legends/64...

Maybe after buying/downloading the first six Mega Man games on the NES, you can unlock a Mega Man "Mega Game" where you can fight all 46 Mega Man (I)-VI Robot Masters in any order. Or maybe they could remake Mega Man to include Oil Man and Time Man, who were added to Mega Man: Powered Up so that every game has eight.

I loved MM64. I tracked down an old copy of Legends 2 recently, and it was totally worth it.
Here's the thing, I just don't think interest has been all that smoldering in any of the Megaman iterations lately; they're just cheap to make.

The X series either needs a massive overhaul (and not like the meh 3D game) or needs to become a handhold affair.

The original series seems, for all intents and purposes, dead. If it were active it would need to see a similar overhaul.

The Battle Network series was cool, but it started to stagnate it like the X series during the psx era (and the GC game was just too damn hard).

I never got ahold of the Zero series, I could never find a copy.

My point earlier was the classical series, and the spin-offs, are all sprite based. To be honest, I don't care if The Cell can cause the Earth to spin backwards, there is only so far you can take sprite based games. This is from a guy who loves the series.

If he wanted to make a new Legend game I would be ecstatic, but somehow I doubt it's in the cards.

MaleficentOgreMay 16, 2006

The Zero series is nothing short of amazing. MMPowered up sold horribly, and that's a shame cause it's a good game. What inafune is trying to say (and I'm fairly certain I'mright cause after reading his interviews for years I do know for a fact that the man should've quit english before he started) is that people blowing $300 on a handheld and $700 on a console want insane 3D graphics and high polygon counts. They're not interested in 2D sidescrollers, or anything 2D for that matter. Megaman is best played in two dimensions. SNK already said that wii is the only console to consider for making 2D games, capcom will probably follow suit, which is good.

I agree. There would be no point buying a $20,000 ps3 dev kit, if all you had in mind was a sprite based side scroller.

However, if they're just gonna dump increasingly generic Mega Man X games on the Wii then I'm not really interested. Mega Man X Collection was worth the cost by the sheer amount of gameplay bundled together (even if I did own all but one of the games), but Mega Man X7 was not worth that same price a few years earlier.

Hostile CreationMay 16, 2006

That price point is really a kick in the nads to Sony. Haha, said nads. What an awesome word.
Anyway, yeah, that'll hurt them big time. We're seeing it even now.

HocotateMay 16, 2006

Is it just me, or does EVERYBODY want to develop for the Wii? ^_^

couchmonkeyMay 17, 2006

Hmm, lots of different interpretations here...mine was that he thinks a big part of Mega Man's audience is kids, and kids ain't buying a PS3. Some kids' parents will buy one for them, but at this price, even that probably won't happen in large numbers...$600 is just too much. Even if only 1/4 of the Mega Man fanbase is kids, that would be a lot to lose.

Kharon AlphaMay 17, 2006

My interpretation is that where he mentioned the "more money" aspect of PS3 buyers, he was referring more to the so-called "Mature" audience -- by which I mean those who think that a game needs to be T or M rated to even be worth their money. I think it would certainly be for the best that the dev costs be saved since most purchasers of PlayStation 3 hardware will likely fall into that category, and even many of the XBox 360 purchasers are in that category. As a low-cost and family-friendly system, the Wii will provide a place where 2D games are not only free to be developed, but in which E and E-10 rated games will have a place they can flourish, because more people with an interest in such games will own the system. I realize the rating system in North America is different from that in other regions, but I still think it's a valid argument that the people spending $300-600 on a console are expecting games catering to their tastes, and Mega Man will probbaly not be one of those titles for most of the people.

I would like to see some form of Mega Man Legends game on the Wii, and the controller would, honestly, be perfect for it -- and I don't just mean Mega Man 64. Either a collection with MML, MML2 and Misadventures of Tron Bonne, or maybe rebuilds of MML and MML2 with smoother graphics, maybe some new features, and full Wii remote compatibility.

- Hunter

EasyCureMay 17, 2006

i agree with ogre, that was how i thought he meant it; sony wants nothing short of "breathe takingly realistic" games and with a series thats rooted in 2-d sprites, and has worked best in that manner, ps3 just wouldnt be the right place to take the franchise too. those people with lots of money that are going to (sadly) spend it on ps3 aren't going to flock to to such a game, even one as well known as megaman, because the series is only popular amongst its hardcore fans.

even if they made another legends-type game and made it flashy but not ultra realistic, it just dont see it selling well beacuse the interest isnt there and all the hardcore fans might not own a ps3. then where would capcom be? spend all that money on a devkit, spend more resources making the game, and end up with a flop?
atleast the Wii is cheaper to develop for and could bring something completely new to the series with the wiimote.

i have never played x7 or x8 because i don't own a ps2, but i have played legends/64 (yes, on both PS and N64) and i must say i wasn't very happy. back when it was being called Mega Man Neo, i remember being so excited and imagining how cool it would be to have mega man in 3d, only to be disapointed. It just didnt have the same feel as the megaman or megaman x games. its not the rpg aspect im talking about either, it just wasn't action packed like i expected. those dungeons were lame and none of the enemies seemed like they could ever harm mega man. maybe it was just the resources at the time but im sure there were more games of its type that could have more enemies on screen at once.

if they were to make 3d megaman again, and give it the same fast paced action feel as the megaman X series, i would be happy. i dont want another battle network game, i just never liked those. i want hordes of enemies to blast thru, coming at me from all directions, with 3rd person perspective and aiming with the wiimote. if it is the x series, add zero and have some cool combos to be executed with the wiimote as well. thats what i want to see, but who knows if it will ever happen.

KDR_11kMay 17, 2006

I think Rockman Dash 3 on the Wii would rock. Aiming was a weak point of RmD so Wii aiming would improve it a lot. Overall Rockman could use an overhaul akin to what Metroid got. Perhaps a combination between Dash and classic gameplay? Perhaps the original Megaman plot set in a connected world where you aren't just teleported to your mission goal, you move around in a city and actually see a world instead of just a bunch of platforms with no reason behind them? With controls that are more Mario 64 than FPS it should work for platforming, too.

Actually I think Dash could be compared to Zelda in the way it works.

Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusMay 17, 2006

KDR I have to disagree with you; I think it would compare more to like metroid prime. Because a boss or whatever is bound to drop a grapple beam type of weapon that can be helpful to get a upgrade tank or help you to get on a higher ledge and also give you a offense option. Also the shooting and aiming mechanics will probably be very similar. Mistake me if im wrong but I think in the 3D megamans they gave you a option of kicking or punching well maybe they can map those actions into the accelometer on the nunchaku.

TJ SpykeMay 17, 2006

I hope it does stay off PS3, the last thing I want is for the look of Mega Man to be totally destroyed like Hudson Soft is doing with Bomberman on Xbox 360(it just looks so wrong).

Mega Man just seems like a natural fit for the Wii and it's controller, and i'm sure Nintendo would love for the blue bomber to come home to a Nintendo system.

KDR_11kMay 17, 2006

Lord: You could kick when you don't have a secondary weapon installed or are in a civilian area where you're not allowed to use your weapons. Kicks weren't useful for anything other than getting drinks out of soda machines. Also I made the Zelda comparison because it's more story driven than Metroid though with all the possible exploits there's a lot of possible sequence breaking.

EasyCureMay 18, 2006

megaman x was story driven, more so then the original mega man series atleast.
i dont want to see mega man kick again, let him shoot, slide/dash, and roll (cuz it would look cool!) and you're done.

KDR_11kMay 18, 2006

With "story driven" I mean "areas were made accessible through story events, not player abilities". In Metroid and Super Metroid the only "story events" are beating all bosses to open Tourian and destroying the Mother Brain. In Zelda you'll frequently find an area that was unlocked just because you triggered a specific cutscene. Standard Megaman's story-drivenness is debatable but Dash had lots of cutscenes that triggered a change in the world to allow access to new areas.

I don't think you have to worry about Meggerman kicking stuff, he didn't have to do that in Dash and he won't have to do that in Rockman W(ii).

EasyCureMay 19, 2006

haha that just made me think, what if they change his name to Dr. Wiily?

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