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First Info on Madden for Revolution

by Jonathan Metts - April 27, 2006, 8:38 am EDT
Total comments: 3 Source: GameSpot

EA's trademark football series is heading to Revolution with a new developer and a new control scheme. More non-port Rev titles from EA will soon be revealed.

In an interview with GameSpot, John Schappert, head of EA Canada, discusses the development of a new Madden football game exclusive to Nintendo's upcoming Revolution console. Schappert, who formerly headed up EA's Tiburon studio (which has developed the Madden series for years) says the Revolution version will depend heavily on a gesture-based system for passing, kicking, and even running the ball. He is overseeing a development studio at EA Canada solely focused on Revolution, with other games in development in addition to Madden. None of these games are straight ports, though clearly, at least some of them are extensions of perennial EA franchises. Schappert also mentions that some of the Revolution projects involve WiFi features, but he gives no specifics. Check out the full interview at GameSpot for more details, and keep an eye on PGC for more coverage of Revolution announcements as E3 approaches!


Ian SaneApril 27, 2006

I didn't think it would happen. People said that the Rev's unique design would force companies to make exclusive games for it and I didn't believe it. I figured companies like EA would just make crappy ports of their PS3 games and they would be grossly inferior on the Rev because of the hardware difference. I'm very happy to be proven wrong here. It looks like Nintendo's plan to attract support is working out pretty well.

CapApril 27, 2006

if this version of madden turns out good, thats a huge selling point right there there for....wii. it still amazes me how many copies ea manages to sell of that game.

trip1eXApril 27, 2006

Yeah this is huge. It really sounds like EA gets it now. In the Gamasutra interview they said they learned their lessons from the DS. Folks don't want crappy ports with half-assed control features tacked on. Amazing. Still I will believe when I see it because it's EA.

I mean there'sthat possibility this is the Gamecube game with 4 controller features tacked on top of it. I hope this isn't the case. I hope they also improve the graphics and tweak the AI and what not too.

But I have to say EA is telling potential Rev owners what they want to hear.

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