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Nintendo Seeks to Improve Wi-Fi

by Karl Castaneda - April 26, 2006, 2:10 pm EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Kotaku

Your online gaming on Nintendo systems may become a lot more efficient in the future.

Nintendo recently sent out a survey asking people what they thought of Nintendo's current Wi-Fi model and how they'd like to see it improved. Thanks to Kotaku and one of its readers, we now know that the following was asked about:

Compare your game stats to your friends’ game stats

Compare your game stats to stats from players around the world

Upload screenshots Post content you create, such as art or videos for others

to download

Rate user-created content

See what your friends are playing at the moment

Manage your Friends Roster Create and/or read blogs linked to the site

Schedule dates/times to play DS games against friends or players from around

the world

Form clans/guilds/crews with friends or players from around the world

Submit videos to the site

Submit strategy, tips and tricks to a game-specific forum

Participate in user-defined forums

Personalizing the way Nintendowifi.com looks

A final question raised the possibility of more widespread free NiWiFi access:

“Suppose finding a Wi-Fi hot spot was not an issue, so you

could play your Nintendo DS over the Internet anywhere outside your home. In this case, where would you like to be able to play your Nintendo DS over the Internet?"

Kotaku also learned that another question asked was about whether or not gamers would prefer a single friend code to be used for every Wi-Fi game. Since managing multiple codes can be a pain, it'd be great for Nintendo to put this into effect.

You can read the whole article at Kotaku here.


CalibanApril 26, 2006

Having a single friend code would be preferable as long as we can still manage in each game who we want or not. It would also be great if they made it easier to find my own TetrisDS stats.

NephilimApril 26, 2006

would rather screenshots then video
but I hope we have all those things, I hope the fact they didnt ask about a chat messenger, means there going to have one

ArtimusApril 26, 2006

I actually got to take this. I still have the e-mail. The FULL survey:

Gender, State/Province, Age
Which Games Systems Do You Own
Have You Heard Of/Owned/Played Games for the Wi-Fi Service
Influence of Wi-Fi on purchasing those games
How satisfied were you with each game
Questions about where and with who you like to play online games (with friends/same location, with strangers online, with family online, have you had a bad experience)
What % of online play is done against people on your Friends Roster
How have you exchanged friend codes? + Which is your favorite method? (in person, phone, message board, IM, etc)
How satisfies are you with the friend code system?
What do you dislike about the FCS? (time consuming, different codes for each game, no in-game FC exchange, roster hard to manage, limit is too low, no ability to select a specific friend(s), fact that friend data could be lost by putting the cart into another DS system)
How desireable would it be to...exchange codes over the service/exchange codes on a Nintendo site/have a universal friend code?
Have you visited Nintendowifi.com?
Have you used ____ feature/rate the feature? (troubleshooting, router info, gaming hub, stats, user content, error codes, forums, events against NOA staff)
Overall satisfaction with the Nintendowifi.com site?
Any wifi.com suggestions?
How desireable would ______ be on Nintendowifi.com? (compare stats with friends/strangers, upload screenshots/videos/art, rate user content, see what friends are playing, manage friends roster, have a blog, schedule matches, form clans/guilds, submit videos, submit strategy tips, participate in user-made forums, personalize how the site looks)
Where have you played the DS? + Where have you played online? (vehicle, airport, school, friend's, home, restaurant, mall, etc.)
Where would you play your DS online if a hotspot/connection was not an issue? + How much time do you spend there now? Would your visits there increase if there was Nintendo WiFi? (same options as previous Q, but with specific stores and restaurants included)
How would you like the Wifi to be setup in a store/restaurant? (Specific area with monitoring/specific area without monitoring/no area, no monitoring)

Then it ends with household stuff (how many people live there, income, # of kids, race).

Not sure that was helpful, but that's all there was!

sikboy1029April 27, 2006

Exactly, Caliban, Just cuz I want to race someone in MKDS doesn't mean I want to frag them in Hunters. They'd have to do it that way if they used a single code for all of them

Mario323April 27, 2006

"Kotaku also learned than another question asked was about whether or not gamers would prefer a single friend code to be used for every Wi-Fi game."

A typo -- should be "also learned that another question". Just thought I would point that out.

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