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Buena Vista Games Signs Deal With Q? Entertainment

by Mike Sklens - April 26, 2006, 1:08 pm EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Gamasutra

Hey, you got your Mickey Mouse in my Meteos!

Publisher Buena Vista Games has signed a deal to publish four titles created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi's (Space Channel 5, Rez) Q? Entertainment development company. The four titles include two for the Playstation Portable (Lumines 2 and Every Extend Extra), one for the Playstation 2 (Lumines Plus) and one Nintendo DS game. The DS game is a Disney themed version of the popular DS puzzler Meteos. BVG will be publishing the game in all regions excluding Asia.

Graham Hopper, senior VP and general manager of BVG, had this to say: "We are looking forward to enhancing our relationship with the talented team at Q Entertainment to bring gamers unique and innovative gaming experiences. With BVG's expertise in publishing a broad portfolio of video games for the entire family, these new titles are a perfect fit because they appeal to a wide variety of gamers."

Meteos: Disney Edition is scheduled to hit stores in the fall of 2006.


TMWApril 26, 2006

I wonder if they will try to change the "spam the field and win" bug for the Disney version.

I'd buy it solely for that.

TrueNerdApril 26, 2006

I'll put up with one of the oddest licensing choices EVER if they give me that hot wi-fi action. I relish the thought of launching Plutos, Donald Ducks, and yes, even Goofy's at each and every one of you and laughing fiendishly as your pitiful planet falls under the weight of all the meteos I just propelled your direction.

No wi-fi action? I'll be passing.

Now, I'm assuming Lumines Plus is either the same or extremely similar to Lumines without really knowing if that's true, but WTF is up with the PSP's best games making their way to the PS2? I know these aren't Sony games, but if I were Sony, I'd put a stop to that sh*t IMMEDIATELY. How do you expect the PSP to succeed at all when you port the few decent games the system has to the PS2, a system that has piles of decent games? I don't get it.

KnowsNothingApril 26, 2006

Meteos and Lumines were very original and refreshing games, I'm glad we're seeing one liscensed version, one port, and one sequel so early!

KDR_11kApril 26, 2006

Not a single non-sequel in there. So much for "small developers bring innovation".

LouieturkeyApril 27, 2006

Remember, this is probably Disney talking and telling them what to make at first. I'm sure we'll see new games once these are out...with Disney characters attached.

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