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Tony Hawk for Revolution Confirmed

by Jonathan Metts - April 21, 2006, 9:16 pm EDT
Total comments: 11 Source: Nintendo Power Magazine

The birdman will be flying downhill on Revolution.

A teaser for the new issue of Nintendo Power magazine contains brief but unambiguous confirmation that the Tony Hawk franchise is coming to the Nintendo Revolution. Along with some character art for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin on DS, which was officially announced today by Konami, the cover of the new magazine issue says "THE TONY HAWK REVOLUTION" at the top. We don't have access to the article itself at this time, but this statement makes it quite clear that the Hawkster will bring his skateboarding antics to Nintendo's new console.

In a recent financial report, Activision mentioned that the next main game in the Tony Hawk series will be called Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam and will be released on multiple platforms in 2006. It is not clear from the Nintendo Power cover whether the Revolution game is a version of Downhill Jam, nor have any details about Downhill Jam yet been released to the public.


KnoxxvilleApril 22, 2006

If they could figure out a way where you could "finger board" with the revmote....that would be kinda cool.

BTW.....does anyone else have any concerns about muscle fatigue here? I mean playing for hours with a controller in your lap is one thing.....how long do you guys think we could play comfortably with your arms away from your body? That I think is the biggest flaw in this design.

joshnickersonApril 22, 2006

It just means you have to build up your puny little girly arms, and transform that flab into fab.


KnoxxvilleApril 22, 2006

LOL!....I remember that skit....

EasyCureApril 22, 2006

from everything i've read, what i understand about the revmote is this. don't take those pictures of the ubisoft team playing with the remote (for red steel) or nintendos own trailers fool you; the revmote can calibrate sensitivity so that you WONT be flailing around like a jackass unless you want to be.
go get a laser pointer and sit down in front of you tv. hold it in your hand and flick your wrist around a lil without even taking your arm off your lap and thats essentially what you'll be doing. better yet, have a friend play a FPS while you sit next to him and use the laser pointer to zap those bad guys a new one. your hand my fatigue from excess wrist motion but you will most likely get a longer play time doign that as opposed to keeping your arm straight out in front of you as if you were holding the gun in the fps. i dont think that can be reiterated enough. thats why multiplayer wont be a problem, because you WONT be slapping your friends in the face as you try to execute a move or point a gun at someones head (unles again, you WANT to be a jackass)

AManatee2April 22, 2006

*raises hand*

i would like to be a jackass please.

anybody else have ideas on how they could use the revmote with tony hawk?





get some brain soup a'brewin.

~*Adolph*~April 22, 2006

I can already see it now, the revmote will a "virtual skateboard" and how you twist, turn move the controller will help you do tricks. You will use some buttons like the triggers to jump, and controller stick to move.

PS3, 360 version will look nicer but be the same game we have all played
but revolution will be a fresh experience and the difference will be night and day in fun factor..

Create-a-Face, use the remote to draw your own facial features or even your own logos for your personal clothes brand.

KnoxxvilleApril 22, 2006

I think It'll be a "nunchuk" game, where you do basic steering and accel/decel with the analog stick in one hand, then handle all the flips/twists/sharp turns with the revmote.

I mean, you could get really freaky naughty with it and everytime you hit a ramp, actually twirl your revmote in the air like a freaking baton, and if you don't catch it, you bail in-game!....that would be kinda cool, methinks.

KDR_11kApril 22, 2006

MJRx: Drawing faces with a pen is hard enough. Would you want to look like a character from Oblivion?

NinGurl69 *hugglesApril 23, 2006

Draw Reggie for ULTIMATE POWER.

The game will last 5 minutes. =D

wanderingApril 24, 2006

New details

-exclusive for DS and Revolution
-turn and boost "without touching a button", thrust controller forward to boost
-button combos for tricks
-4 player split-screen multiplayer
-locations include "Machu Picchu in the Andes and the hills of San Francisco"
-dev is Toys for Bob
-screenshots in July issue of Nintendo Power

Sounds good, though the rev/ds exclusivity can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Bad if you look at like the rev can't handle a normal Tony Hawk game graphics/gameplay-wise.

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