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Ubisoft Hints at More Revolution Titles

by Steven Rodriguez - April 13, 2006, 10:44 pm EDT
Total comments: 11 Source: Gamasutra

The Revolution is a "magical platform," according to Ubisoft Montreal's new top man.

Ubisoft's development studio in Montreal has a brand-new CEO who goes by the name of Yannis Mallat. He was promoted to his new position this week, and Gamasutra got a chance to interview him on all things Ubi.

With Red Steel having been officially announced, the Revolution was one of the topics brought up in the interview. When asked directly if the Montreal wing of Ubisoft had anything in development for Nintendo next-gen, Mallat responded, "I can say definitely, as any other developer, we are looking at this magical platform, and we want to be part of the adventure." Continuing, he mentioned he was "pretty sure" Ubisoft will come up with more stuff for Revolution, no doubt some of them from the Montreal studio.

Ubisoft Montreal currently has over 1400 employees, working on anywhere between 12 and 20 games. According to Mallat, "a lot" of them are in development for next-generation platforms. As you would expect, the publisher will be showing off a great deal of their upcoming work at E3, now less than a month away.


TMWApril 13, 2006

So...should we start emailing him about BG&E 2?

GoldenPhoenixApril 13, 2006

Even though I'm not a huge fan of Ubisoft games (well except for the fact that Red Steel looks great so far) it is great to see a developer so excited for the Revolution, and obviously putting alot behind it!

HocotateApril 13, 2006

It is nice to see a company like Ubisoft supporting the Rev (or at least "pretty sure" about supporting it). Saying he's "pretty sure" they'll support the rev seems a little... eh... I don't know... I'd much prefer him to say "110% sure" but I guess he's been told not to say that...

wanderingApril 13, 2006

One of the nice things - from Nintendo's perspective - about keeping everything behind the curtain, is that the impression of large amounts of third party support can be made... without actually having large amounts of third party support.

What I'm getting at, is that I think Ubisoft may be throwing this single game out there, with heavy amounts of help from Nintendo, to test the waters. They may not have anything else planned. In fact, Nintendo may not have anymore third parties on board for the rev than the N-Gage had. EA, afterall, still thinks the rev will be a "niche product".

NephilimApril 14, 2006

A Myst game would be a good choice for rev

JonLeungApril 14, 2006

I like the Myst series. The first one was supposedly good at drawing in non-gamers on the PC.

I don't really think the Myst games "fit" on the Xbox. I often say that too many Xbox games are on the PC, negating any need to get one, and in this case I feel it's more of a slower-paced game...a PC game that doesn't need to be on the Xbox...and it's probably slower without a mouse.

Trying to draw in non-gamers and having a controller that works like a mouse or better, the Revolution may be a good home for Myst games.

Problem is, the series is over. Unless they have some rereleases or spinoffs like Uru or something.

Ubisoft games/series I do like:
Beyond Good & Evil
Prince Of Persia

Ubisoft series I might like:

Ubisoft games I don't play much of but don't think I'd like:
Splinter Cell
Tom Clancy's...anything

I guess I don't like the realistic games. Red Steel and early FPSes on the Revolution may be exceptions, as the concept of "feeling" and directly controlling a gun or katana sound pretty engrossing and engaging.

MaryJaneApril 14, 2006

Magical system?

The Revolution causes hallucination!! SIGN ME UP! face-icon-small-tongue.gif

All third-party support is good thing, I'm not the biggest Ubisoft fan, but their games aren't crappily made at least, they are quality, even if the genres, gameplay elements, and styles of their games aren't something I care for too much.

LouieturkeyApril 14, 2006


Originally posted by: JonLeung
Ubisoft games I don't play much of but don't think I'd like:
Splinter Cell
Tom Clancy's...anything

The best part about that statement is that Splinter Cell is a Tom Clancy game. They use that name WAY too much. They are as bad at Nintendo at slapping Mario or Metroid on everything.

JensenApril 14, 2006

Myst V would be a great game to show off DS-Revolution connectivity. In Myst V, you carry around a tablet and draw shapes on it to communicate. This would, of course, work great with the DS. You could also use the DS to take notes. The Revolution controller could be used if you don't have a DS, of course. I 've only played the demo of Myst V, but in Myst 4, there were a lot of things you could interact with by click-dragging. This could be replaced with using the Revolution controller for manipulating objects, levers, keys... whatever.

steveyApril 14, 2006

"They are as bad at Nintendo at slapping Mario or Metroid on everything. "

But all of nintendo's games are atleast fun...

wanderingApril 16, 2006

It'd be great if the rev got a Myst game, or a new Cyan game (they're apparently working on something not myst now.) In fact, with Cyan's focus on intuitve, non-gamer firendly games, you'd think the rev would be a perfect fit for them.

Unfortunatley, I'm pretty sure Cyan views Nintendo as a mortal enemy.

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