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Rockman ZX Official Website Opens

by Jonathan Metts - January 13, 2006, 11:24 am PST
Total comments: 4 Source: Capcom

Capcom reveals the first original DS game for the Blue Bomber.

Following its debut in a Japanese magazine this week, Rockman ZX now has its own official website (in Japanese). Rockman is the Japanese name for the character known elsewhere as Mega Man, and this is his first original game for Nintendo DS.

The website doesn't have much information yet, but it does show that ZX will be a completely new sub-franchise with updated characters and major new gameplay elements. There are two playable characters, Z and X (which appear to be based on Zero and Mega Man X, respectively), but each one is available in both male and female versions, a first for the series.

Rockman ZX is an action game, as opposed to the RPG sub-series, EXE or Battle Network. The only new gameplay element announced so far is Live Metal, which seems to involve finding pieces of metal throughout the game and using them to transform the characters. It is not yet clear how this feature would be different from the upgrade modules and acquired weapons found in other Rockman games.

The game's website should have more information and screenshots soon, so we'll keep you informed as the game is more fully revealed. No plans for release outside Japan have been announced, but historically, nearly all Rockman games are released worldwide.

Josh Daugherty contributed to this report.


JonLeungJanuary 13, 2006

I love Mega Man games, but really, aren't there too many versions of Mega Man now?

Soon they'll be able to make a Mega Man game where you play a generic Robot Master and can face eight different versions of Mega Man. Okay, maybe not...but with Classic, X, Legends, and Battle Network, you're already halfway there, not counting Mega Man Zero (since he's Zero, duh).

I'm not saying I won't like this game, but I remember a time when whenever a new Mega Man game was announced, I'd get all excited about reading up what the next set of Robot Masters would be. Now I'm, like, bleah...

Though those PSP reimaginings of Mega Man and Mega Man X are cute. I wouldn't mind ports of those, strangely.

KDR_11kJanuary 13, 2006

Which Zero is the male? The one in the MMZ outfit minus helmet or the one with the glasses? And neither of them has the booblights!

I wonder how they're going to explain those. Something like Wind Waker's "We're dressing up like the hero! It's a tradition!"?

I'd like to see some of the "fan fiction" turned into games (or at least inspiring some elements of future games... Yeah, like that'll happen...). Plague's Misadventures or Reploid Hunter Iris would be pretty cool.

NinGurl69 *hugglesJanuary 13, 2006

Those Zero characters are the same person. Apparently the "Live Metal" is a kind of bionic underpants that gives the wearer some head gear and a weapon. It's the pants that would distinguish the male characters from the female's shorts.

lol no booblights, you're right, that can't be Zero.

And so far the only known playable characters seen in screenshots are the Mega Girl and the Mega Dude, "X Models", named Elle and Van, respectively. Not character "Z" or character "X".

KDR_11kJanuary 13, 2006

Hm, the summary says there are male and female versions of both the X and Z models...

I'd expect there to be playable characters from both families in the final game even though they may not be implemented yet. Zero and X play differently so that'd add more variety than just a different look.

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