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Reggie Will Rock Mario Kart DS on Monday

by Michael Cole - December 15, 2005, 7:57 pm EST
Total comments: 21 Source: Nintendo NSider Forums

You can race Reggie himself from 4-5:30 Pacific online, or meet him at McDonalds!

As what could be surmised to be a Christmas-time gift to his loyal fanbase, Nintendo of America's Vice President of Sales & Marketing Reginald Fils-Aime will appear at the Bellevue Square McDonalds in Bellvue, Washington on Monday, December 19th.

What's more, he will be playing Mario Kart DS in Worldwide mode (as NOA_Reggie), so that he may take names globally.

Nintendo will also have Nintendo DS systems available for those who swing by and want to play. They even have two DS systems to give away: one autographed by Reggie and the other by Fall Out Boy (from the Nintendo Fusion Tour).

All hail the Regginator.

Special thanks to UncleBob for the tip.


trip1eXDecember 15, 2005

I wonder if Gates will drop by?

TMWDecember 15, 2005

OMFG I am so going to be playing then.

I can't wait to get my ass kicked by Reggie.

MarioAllStarDecember 15, 2005

I live within 30 minutes of Bellevue square! What would I say to the Reggienator? Even if I don't talk to him, I can at least see him in person, which would rock.

DasmosDecember 15, 2005

If people keep talking to him how will have enough time to race?

yeah, I forsee few people playing online with Reggie (even if he IS playing online). Perhaps he'll be meeting folks live after the online session?

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorDecember 16, 2005

Yay, I'm famous!

KDR_11kDecember 16, 2005

So Reggie only plays MKDS online for promotional events?

31 FlavasDecember 16, 2005

or perhaps he just plays under a different name like everyone else.

MarioDecember 16, 2005

Reggie will lap you before you've even done a lap. Heck, before HE'S even done a lap.

I want Reggie to do a worldwide tour!

NephilimDecember 16, 2005

I might change my name to NOA_Reggie too

steveyDecember 16, 2005

OMR reggie on wifi on monday *drool* *drooling* *drooling* *dieing of dehydration* but seriously how many will get to play him since their going to be billions waiting for him to show up on thier list and if anyone cheats then what will god do?

Happy MasksDecember 16, 2005

I really, really, really wish I had a DS and Mario Kart...or lived in Washington.

Ending Walker TropicDecember 16, 2005

Ok ok so it's 16 hours time difference. This means 8:30am Tuesday. Oh FFS I'll be at work!

ssj4_androidDecember 17, 2005

Yeah, is there anything preventing us from changing our names to NOA_Reggie?

KDR_11kDecember 17, 2005

Isn't there a name filter that prevents users from naming themselves after Nintendo employees?

steveyDecember 17, 2005

"Yeah, is there anything preventing us from changing our names to NOA_Reggie?"

Yes, THE FEAR OF THE REGGIE-GOD OMIGHTY BUTT KICKING or they (I think) could ban your ds from the wfc.

Mario323December 17, 2005

J Allard said that he prefers the DS to the PSP so I wouldn't be surprised if he maybe makes a studio for developing DS games or coaxes Microsoft into it. Rare is already said its well underway with DS projects and it is owned by Microsoft, and there were rumbling a few months ago that there was a Halo handheld game being made.....hmmmmm

ThePermDecember 17, 2005


IceColdDecember 17, 2005


Originally posted by: ThePerm

nickmitchDecember 18, 2005


Ending Walker TropicDecember 19, 2005

Is it a HD avatar?

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