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New Tales DS Details

by Karl Castaneda - December 12, 2005, 6:21 pm EST
Total comments: 17 Source: Namco

A name confirmation, an official website, and more!

Until today, there haven't been too many details concerning Namco's Tales series' move to the Nintendo DS. However, you'll now not only be able to find its official website (in Japanese, however), but also the character art of what we can only assume will be the protagonist of the game.

Expect Tales of the Tempest to hit Japan in 2006; a U.S. release has yet to be announced.


IceColdDecember 12, 2005

Yes! This just made my day... Amazing!

I love my DS...

mantidorDecember 12, 2005

Thanks heavens that "Doom of Signia" or something didnt end up being the name of the game...

But I dont like RPGs, I dont know why I even care...

Bill AurionDecember 12, 2005

Actually Namco has a registered trademark by the name of "Tales of Doom Sign"... face-icon-small-smile.gif

They also had one called "Tales of Two Faiths," which makes a lot more sense for a two-screen system than Tales of the Tempest, but whatever...

IceColdDecember 12, 2005

mantidor, I normally dislike RPGs too - I just don't like the idea of sending commands and having it turn-based instead of, you know, actually playing the game. However, there are very few select RPGs that I like, and Tales of Symphonia was one of them. Probably because it isn't a conventional RPG and you actually do something. I also loved its style. That's why I'm so excited about this, and with the DS's interface, it should be even better.

Have you tried Symphonia? If you haven't, why don't you; you might just fall for it.

NotSoStuDecember 12, 2005

How ironic. I just ordered a copy of Symphonia off Amazon. >_>

WuTangTurtleDecember 12, 2005

good for u, one of my favorite games this generation, i think RE4 and Wind Waker, maybe Pikmin i might put ahead of this game but still overall awesome game. Can't wait for this new one, keep us updated!

nickmitchDecember 12, 2005

The buttons on my DS are gonna have the letters eroded off soon. . .

mantidorDecember 13, 2005

I might try it now that you recomended. I cant stand turn based systems, I loath Pokemon because of that, but for some obscure and unexplainable reason I loved Paper Mario and currently Im saving to get TYD. Maybe I could like Tales games also.

KDR_11kDecember 13, 2005

Tales is closer to Naruto or SSBM than Final Fantasy. Charge in, give 'em your best combos and see how fast you can kill 'em.

Michael8983December 13, 2005

The PSP vs DS is starting to look like the PSX vs N64 all over again but this time it's Nintendo's system that's getting the RPGs and the bulk of Japanese third-party support. This is not only a good sign for Nintendo's continued dominance in the handheld market but hopefully a good sign for the Rev as well seeing as how Nintendo is taking a similar approach with it.

Magus19December 13, 2005

I would say it's more like a ps2 vs n64 but the 64 is winning face-icon-small-tongue.gif I do own both but I hope the psp will fail, there is no good games aside from lumines, and the games I want are mostly ports... For me now it's DS all the way!

EDIT: Well and for the Tales game I hope it's 1/2 of ToS, because it would be a really good game, ToS being in my top5 games of the GCN.

vuduDecember 13, 2005

Has anything been said about the battle system? Do we know yet if it'll have the same system as ToS?

odifiendDecember 13, 2005

ToS had a 'special' 3D line system but all Tales games have active battles. I'd assume if it is a 2D game, the battle system will be more like Phantasia's - and by that i mean identical but in strictly 2D space.

KDR_11kDecember 13, 2005

The question is whether it's a pure 2d game. I don't think there's much point in putting a game on the DS that doesn't use the dual screens or the touch screen or at very least 3d. Those are better put on the GBA.

Though an RPG battle could be a bit much, the DS has a hard limit of 2048 vertices per frame at 60 FPS. Assuming 8 actors (4 PCs, 4 enemies) that leaves 256 per character, 30 FPS would work for an RPG so you could use the other 2048 on the environment and special effects. I think that makes the characters have less polygons than an FF7 battle char.

ShyGuyDecember 13, 2005

How are they making that final fantasy IIId look so good on the DS then?

KDR_11kDecember 14, 2005

Dunno, we haven't seen much of the game. I don't think there was even a single combat shot. Of course the field models can be more detailled, especially with prerendered backgrounds.

NephilimDecember 14, 2005

yes there are about 20pics of ff3ds
anyway not much detail, I hope it is alot better then the snes games

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