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Battalion Wars Rolls Out

by Robert Graves - September 19, 2005, 9:01 am EDT
Total comments: 8 Source: Nintendo Press Release

Real-time strategy marches into town and orders you to bring freedom to the nation.

Battalion Wars for Nintendo GameCube Features Thrilling Real-Time Strategy

With more than 20 elite missions, Battalion Wars(TM) for Nintendo GameCube(TM) truly tests a player's ability to improvise and maneuver troops. A single button press summons the soldiers, while a second press sends them off to fight. But think twice: Crafty AI enemies will adapt to every move.

What began as a border dispute has escalated to a frightening global conflict. Only an army commanded with precision and cunning could bring the seemingly endless war to a close.

The video game press has already taken note of Battalion Wars. Matt Casamassina, editor for IGN.com, said, "There is a strong strategic element to the experience: gamers who don't think, plan attacks and manage their units will not win." A player's line of attack will directly affect the outcome of missions, while using the battlefield map is not only key to success, it's straightforward and easy to access. Players strategize with earnest as they station defense forces along a ridgeline, perform recon on the enemy with a scout team or charge headlong into the breach. Battalion Wars is "a refreshing change from the non-stop supply of gritty war games on the market ... Kuju and Nintendo deliver GameCube owners the sleeper hit of the season," said Casamassina.

Each mission can be approached with different tactics. Players have the ability to attack stealthily or just hop into a tank and charge. The freedom to compete in any way the player chooses is the very self-government that will bring freedom to the feuding nations.

The game is Rated T for Teen with a launch date of Sept. 19.


Mop it upSeptember 19, 2005

Ooooh, I want it!
*checks wallet*
But I can't afford it! Wah!
I think I'm a company's worst nightmare, because I wait until a game is in a bargain bin before I buy it. So although I'd like to see the game sell well, if it bombs, it'll be in the bargain bin that much faster.

Bill AurionSeptember 19, 2005

Gah, I hate this time of year...All the games come out and I'm stuck choosing between the ones I want...I really want you Battalion Wars, but Trace Memory comes out next week!

Hostile CreationSeptember 19, 2005

I was not big on Advance Wars DS. It's mildly entertaining, but I found RTS just couldn't keep me coming back for me. Anyone know if this game is sufficiently different to merit a purchase (or to at least check it out)? Because I like the idea of action/strategy, but Advance Wars DS was not compelling enough (just not a gameplay style I'm big on) to keep me playing.

PaLaDiNSeptember 19, 2005

From what I've read, the only things that stay the same are the cartoony style and the fact that certain unit types are strong or weak against others (hence the strategy).

Admittedly I haven't read much because I'm buying this game anyway and I don't want to spoil it.

trip1eXSeptember 19, 2005

Already ordered this one. HOpefully it comes this week.

KDR_11kSeptember 19, 2005

Whoa, an official press release not from IGN quoting Matt...

One thing I haven't heard about is whether the game includes reinforcements/unit production or whether it's use-what-you-have-or-die.

couchmonkeySeptember 19, 2005

Bill: Aye, there's many a game to be had these months. I want this one too, but I'm sailing to the old world in a week's time, so it will have to wait.

MarioSeptember 19, 2005

I'm getting this whenever it hits Australia, looking forward to it.

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