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Free Pink Stylus for Kirby Canvas Curse Owners

by Mike Sklens - September 15, 2005, 9:43 am EDT
Total comments: 15 Source: Nintendo.com

Who says that only Japan gets all the cool goodies?

Upon the release of Kirby: Canvas Curse in Japan, the first copies of the game came with a special pink Kirby stylus. A lot of gamers were upset that the same was not offered outside the country. Well, it looks like things have changed. Nintendo of America is now giving away pink styli, presumably the same ones the Japanese got, to anybody who has registered their copy of Kirby: Canvas Curse on their website.

To get your own stylus you'll have to be a My Nintendo member, which is free. You can sign up for My Nintendo on Nintendo's website. You'll also need to register your copy of Kirby: Canvas Curse, by plugging in the registration code that came with the game on Nintendo's website. Finally, you'll need to visit this page to claim your free pink Kirby stylus. Supplies are limited, so hurry up!


bananaboySeptember 15, 2005

only valid in the USA face-icon-small-sad.gif Canada still gets stiffed.

PlugabugzSeptember 15, 2005

Don't forget Europe.

vuduSeptember 15, 2005

Thank you PGC! I should expect to receive my stylus in four to six weeks. w00t.

EDIT: I actually wrote an e-mail complaining about the lack of a pink stylus when K:CC originally came out. I'm glad to see I did some good. Please, hold your applause. Now, let's just hope that letter I wrote to Capcom regarding no GameCube version of Capcom Classics Collection will generate a similar response.

KDR_11kSeptember 15, 2005

Plugabugz: Do you expect to get the stylus when the game isn't even out here?

trip1eXSeptember 15, 2005

I got one. NOt sure I want it but a stylus is a stylus.

ArtimusSeptember 15, 2005

Why the hell is it only valid in the US? URGH that makes me so mad! I paid for the frigging game!

KnowsNothingSeptember 15, 2005

Hooray! Now to go preorder Pheonix Wright....

Ian SaneSeptember 15, 2005

It's very odd how Canada is getting screwed out of this when we got the Zelda Collector's Disc and Metroid Prime 2 demo. Maybe due to how small the item is it's just not financially feasible to ship it to another country. I hope that's the reason and this isn't the start of a new practice of excluding Canada.

thepogaSeptember 15, 2005

where do you find you find the serial number for the game?

vuduSeptember 15, 2005

It's on an insert in the case by the instruction manual. It’s actually the back part of a Nintendo Power subscription card, so be sure not to throw it out by mistake.

KnowsNothingSeptember 15, 2005

I've thrown out a about 100 of those things ;___;

But not Canvas Curse!

JonLeungSeptember 15, 2005

I am another Canadian, woefully excluded.

Maybe Nintendo of Canada will do something about it soon?

IceColdSeptember 15, 2005

No pink stylus? End of the world!

It's probably, as Ian said, too small to be worth the effort.

bananaboySeptember 15, 2005

I really want one. I hope we at least get the Phoenix Wright finger stylus. NOC generally isnt very good about...well anything lol. So im really doubting well be getting the stylus. It probably is due to costs. tehy are gunna lose a lot of money when they could have jsut made 600 forlike a penny and shipped it with the game...oh wel.

PlugabugzSeptember 15, 2005


Originally posted by: KDR_11k
Plugabugz: Do you expect to get the stylus when the game isn't even out here?

A meaty and resounding YES.

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