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Activision Reveals New True Crime Location

by Jonathan Metts - June 22, 2005, 12:41 pm EDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Activision

Be a bad cop in New York City.

After weeks of teasing, Activision finally announced the location of the next True Crime game today. The game's official website now features a logo for True Crime: New York City, the new official title. More information will be released on the website, starting in mid-July, but you can probably read about the game earlier in the August issue of PSM, which has the exclusive. Activision's trailers for the game have already confirmed a version for GameCube, don't worry.

Manhattan Island has already been modeled, though in an exaggerated fashion, in Activision's Spider-Man 2 game, loosely based on the movie sequel. It is currently unknown whether True Crime: New York City will include the other buroughs of the Big Apple. The teaser quotes from PSM found on the game's website only mention Manhattan.


couchmonkeyJune 22, 2005

I'm pleased to see a multi-platform M-rated game being released on the Cube. I think that takes a little bit of courage on the part of publishers in a time when GameCube is seen as a both a dying system and a poor venue for adult games. I hope it turns out well.

FamicomJune 22, 2005

Damn. In their guess-the-city contest I went with Chicago. Need more games set in Chicago. face-icon-small-mad.gif

vuduJune 22, 2005


Need more games set in Chicago.
I'd buy it. If for no other reason than to do a driveby in my neighborhood.

nickmitchJune 22, 2005

What?!? New Orleans is where it's at!
. . .Or where it should be.

Edit: Why does the main character look like R. Kelly?

Spak-SpangJune 22, 2005

Dallas, Texas would be cool too. Then you could have a hidden Robocop like modeled police officer as a joke.

DjunknownJune 24, 2005

I believe Robocop's stomping grounds was none other than Detroit, Michigan. Though the last thing Detroit needs is a videogame depicting it as a crime center (which is half true but that's another story.)

NYC seems so predictable. Yeah its one of the mega-cities of the US as well as the world, but how about somewhere a little off the beaten path? Chicago would've been a nice idea. Toronto or Montreal would have made an interesting selection too....


Edit: Why does the main character look like R. Kelly?

Check it: One of your first missions is to stop an underage sex ring, while trying to resist temptations...

nickmitchJune 24, 2005

But seriously, they need to take it to the neck of the woods of my hood -uptown- show you what we livin like.

New Orleans would actually be very cool for this kind of game.

IceColdJune 24, 2005

"Toronto or Montreal would have made an interesting selection too...."

LOL - look

They're too "boring" to be considered - although St Louis looks like a good choice ranking 2, 3 and 1 respectively

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