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Capcom Teases New Compilations

by Jonathan Metts - February 4, 2005, 11:29 am PST
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The publisher plans to anthologize Mega Man X and other games in its enormous back-catalog.

Today Capcom revealed two more collections of its classic games, following the success of last year's Mega Man Anniversary Collection. One of the new compilations will cover the Mega Man X series, which has grown to be almost as large and popular as the original Mega Man series from which it was spun off. The other compilation will include various other games from Capcom's history and may even include some arcade titles.

Specific games to be included on these two collections have yet to be announced. There are also no target platforms or expected release dates at this time.


darknight06February 04, 2005

Don't let atomic planet port it, don't let atomic planet port it, don't let atomic planet port it....

Ian SaneFebruary 04, 2005

I'm with darkknight on that one. In theory a Mega Man X compilation sounds great. But after the inexcusable lazyness shown in making the Cube version of Mega Man Anniversary collection I see no reason to assume this will be any better. Capcom fooled me once and they're not fooling me again. I much prefer compilations to ports and I encourage developers to make them. But if you're going to make them, make them right.

1dayFebruary 04, 2005

Screw this, I want my Street Fighter Collection!! (and maybe then this'll be alright)

darknight06February 04, 2005

Yeah, Capcom AT LEAST made Street Fighter Anniversary Collection instead of handing it off to a group that couldn't do the games justice.

odifiendFebruary 04, 2005

Megaman X was like my favorite game series on SNES. I hope this will also include many of the new Megaman X's (aren't they up to 9?), because I'd like to play them.

AgesFebruary 04, 2005

I hope this is true, megaman X is so much better than the original series, imo...though, MMX was the first Mega game for me, so I might be just a bit biased lol. I'd buy this if only for MMX 1-3. You can keep all the ps ones, they just lacked the flair that made the series great...hell, I take it back, I'd buy it for MMX 3, I never even played it, it was that rare.

gallyFebruary 04, 2005

I never liked Mega Man X3, I felt it was cheap and poorly put together, with "challenge" coming from cheap enemy placement and cheap attacks. X and X2 had a more well-balanced challenge.

X really refined the Mega Man gameplay, with wall-climbing (of a sort) and dashing, in addition to a sleek yet still cartoon-like look that felt to me like an evolution in the game's art style as opposed to a drastic change. X2 refined it a bit more, though I actually prefer the original (my younger brother prefers X2). X3, however, we both agree is terrible.

I don't know what's been of the series since, but I am interested in finding out. I am not happy with the super-dark mood of Mega Man Zero, or its cheap challenge. I wish Capcom would make more Mega Man (spinoff or otherwise) games that played like X and X2, with the right balance of challenge, fun, creative level design, and an overall well put-together package.

ruby_onixFebruary 04, 2005

I don't think we're going to have to worry about any of these issues, because Capcom's probably gonna make it PS2-exclusive.

That will solve all of it's problems.

vuduFebruary 04, 2005

The GC version of MMAC outsold the PS2 verison, so I'm going to be really pissed if we get the shaft.

Who wants to bet this game will be out before MMAC on GBA?

joshnickersonFebruary 04, 2005

I'm sure plans are underway to assign the jump command on the Cube version to the Z button.

BlkPaladinFebruary 05, 2005

I kind of want the street fighter comp, but if they do bring it to the cube I hope they add the first Street Fighter to the game which was missing for the PS2 version.

I enjoyed the X series until it made the jump to the PSX then I found the very poorly done cut sceens distruptive to the gameplay.

KnoxxvilleFebruary 05, 2005


nickmitchFebruary 05, 2005

They should totally add Meagman X Soccer.
For no real reason!!!

ghostandmachineFebruary 06, 2005

God, i hope it's not like the Street Fighter collection. It sucked big. If SFC was set up like the MMAC then I would have kept it longer than three days. Go MegaManX!

Infernal MonkeyFebruary 06, 2005

*Still waits for Capcom to release PAL version of MMAC*

Obviously it takes forever to release a collection of games that have already gotten the PAL treatment over ten years ago. face-icon-small-smile.gif

JonLeungFebruary 06, 2005


Originally posted by: ruby_onix
I don't think we're going to have to worry about any of these issues, because Capcom's probably gonna make it PS2-exclusive.

That will solve all of it's problems.

I actually read about this on IGN's Xbox page, because I saw a link from the main page. It has an X, sure, but I was surprised that it would be on the Xbox if not on the PS2 or GCN. So my next question, of course, was whether or not Capcom has actually announced it for the GCN (and PS2, not that I care so much about that). Seeing as how Capcom loves the PS2 (as evidenced by the GameCube no-longer-exclusives like Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7, and Resident Evil 4) I'm almost sure it'd go there. So if there's a PS2 and Xbox version, and since it's on this board, I'm guessing the GCN version is indeed coming. Let's hope the controls aren't messed up like in the Mega Man compilation. I played through it but seriously, with only two buttons they had a fifty-fifty chance even if they flipped a coin. Like seriously, B should be B, and A should be A. Like on the NES. Sheesh.

I, too, liked X-X3, though the first two more so. X4 and X5 seemed even more cookie-cutter (than usual, I mean) and to try and get a hold of X6-X8 to me didn't seem worth the trouble. With a compilation I might give them a shot but I feel that the series is dragging on from what I heard. I did rent Mega Man X: Command Mission a weekend ago and loved it, though, but maybe because it was a whole different genre.

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