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Midway Continues Blitz Without the NFL

by Mike Sklens - December 13, 2004, 8:42 pm EST
Total comments: 5 Source: IGN Sports

Football is about to get a whole lot dirtier.

In light of EA's shocking news, Midway has decided to continue production of their Blitz football series, without an NFL license. What this means is that none of the teams or players featured in the NFL will show up in Midway's new Blitz game.

Without the draw created by real teams and players, Midway is taking a different approach to the new Blitz title. They've gone out and hired the writer of the fan-favorite ESPN show Playmakers to craft a story for this new Blitz title. The game will be appropriately titled, Blitz: Playmakers. Midway is hoping the draw of the Playmakers name (while short-lived) will get people to play this new game.

The Blitz name has come under fire from the NFL in the past for being too violent. In fact, an NFL spokesperson has mentioned that they were not going to re-sign with Midway this year. The NFL has also spoken out against Playmakers. The two licenses are a natural fit with each other. Blitz: Playmakers will feature everything the TV show did, including drug use and the not so nice off-field behavior some of the players exhibit.


EricEnderDecember 13, 2004

but is this going to be published/developed for the gamecube?

Rob91883December 13, 2004


Originally posted by: EricEnder
but is this going to be published/developed for the gamecube?

hehe, I wouldn't be suprised if this game wasn't heading to the gamecube, but NFL Blitz pro did get released on the system.

nemo_83December 14, 2004

With EA getting exclusive rights to the NFL and other companies like Midway continuing their football games without the NFL liscence I could see Tecmo bringing Tecmo Bowl back. Also a Mario Football could come from Nintendo since it wouldn't require the NFL liscence. With only one official NFL series the market is open for alternative sports titles.

nickmitchDecember 14, 2004

It's wierd because my football coach told me today of how he was going to chain me up, make me eat raw meat, then starve me and haveme eat one of the opposing players if I got back on the team. I told him I'd pass.

Infernal MonkeyDecember 14, 2004

I wasn't aware Midway even made Blitz games still. I played one in the arcades in like 1999 and went "OH YEAH YOU'RE GUNNA GET STRUCK WITH THE Y2K BUG FEEL THE BURN" and thought nothing more of the machine. Relationship was over before it began.

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