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Prince of Persia Feature on Spike TV Tonight

by Michael Cole - November 18, 2004, 7:47 pm PST
Total comments: 8 Source: Ubisoft Press Release

Ubisoft is giving Spike TV viewers a sneak peek at its upcoming Prince of Persia game tonight, with reruns this weekend.

At 11:00 PM ET/PT Spike TV will run an exclusive feature on Ubisoft's Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. The special will feature thirty minutes of in-game footage, developer interviews and other information about the game.

Spike TV will re-air the special November 20th at 2:30 PM, November 21st at 9:30 AM and November 29th at 12:30 AM. Warrior Within comes out for Nintendo GameCube and other platforms on December 2nd.


Ian SaneNovember 18, 2004

More Spike TV crap? I can only handle one game related story about them a year.

And man is PoP: Warrior Within the biggest sellout title ever or what. They change the game so it has a more dark edge, make it more based on fighting than puzzles, have freakin' Godsmack music, and they're always marketing it in "cool" ways like this. They're ignoring those who loved the first game in favour of a more mainstream audience and I think it's going to have disastrous results both critically and financially. The mainstream will ignore it in favour of the other higher profile releases coming out around the same time and the fans of the first game won't care for the change in focus.

KnoxxvilleNovember 18, 2004

PSM gave it a 10....so hopefully its pedigree outweighs its creators "creative" efforts to help it stand out this holiday season. Personally, if I were Ubi, I would hold back and drop it early spring.....they are just trying to make sure that POP2 doesn't become another "Beyond Good and Evil".

Once Bitten + Twice Shy = Overkill

I think releasing it in March would sell as many extra copies as the forced image.

seen33November 22, 2004

well I played POP2 on xbox on a demo disk.. and i think its crap. its nothing like the 1st one. now they added like a hundred meele weapon combos like aaby or aaab or aba or something like that. all confusing as hell. they also added combos to jump off wals and attack while running on walls. I think these are good.. but take away all those in combat combos. also.. i did not like the HUD as much as in pop1.

and there was just something about the game that didnt make it feel like the first. I will not be buying it.

Bill AurionNovember 22, 2004

well I played POP2 on xbox on a demo disk.. and i think its crap. its nothing like the 1st one.

I hated the first one...This doesn't fair well for the Prince in my eyes...

PaLaDiNNovember 22, 2004

"its nothing like the 1st one."

Sigh... now I might actually have to buy this.

See, this is why I changed my sig.

DasmosNovember 23, 2004

By the first do you mean the 1st Prince of Persia this generation

KDR_11kNovember 24, 2004

Well, it's obviously not like Prince of Persia, either.

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