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Killer Queen Black (Switch) Hands-On

by James Jones - June 15, 2018, 12:20 pm PDT
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The arcade legend strategy, resource management, snail riding title is a chaotic blast on Switch.

Killer Queen is an multiplayer arcade game that looks a little like Joust, but actually contains a lot of unique ideas. It's been rebuilt for the ground up, and Liquid Bit, LLC has it for show this week at E3.

Killer Queen Black is an eight player, 4v4, best of 5, team action game. It's also about bees: one player is the queen, who can fly about the stage gracefully and is equipped with a sword and a lethal dive attack and the rest are worker bees, who possess the ability to evolve into weapon-wielding warrior bees.

It's kind of hard to explain, but basically each round is settled when a team achieves one of the three victory conditions: collecting berries, killing the enemy queen three times, or riding a very slow snail across the screen in a sort of push-pull between the teams. There's a lot of craziness to the game's proceedings, as some players might try to take on a combat role to deny the enemy berries or to hunt down there queen, while others might try to specialize in collecting the berries (the so-called "economic victory"). With each team having three ways to win, it can be tough to track what's the surest path to victory - and what situations demand immediate attention in order to forestall defeat.

You can take a look at the NWR team playing in the below video.

It looks chaotic, and in many ways it can be. However, that's part of the charm. It took a round to get a feel for how to change classes into warriors, how to fly, and all the ways you can win or lose the match. While I won't say Team NWR were world-beaters in our second round, we clearly had started to understand the game better. While we don't have audio of our conversations, everyone was engaged and chirping out strategy and coordination. With a full group of friends, this game is a joy.

You should really check out the video above to see why this game turned heads when it was first announced for Switch, because it sure turned ours this week at E3.

Killer Queen Black will be available late this year or early next.

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Game Profile

Genre Action
Developer Liquid Bit, LLC
Players1 - 8

Worldwide Releases

na: Killer Queen Black
Release Oct 11, 2019
PublisherLiquid Bit, LLC
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