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North America

Mega Man X: Command Mission

by Daniel Bloodworth - May 13, 2004, 1:31 am PDT

The Mega Man X team has found its way into a new RPG, but a bounty hunter is chasing them too.

Capcom is showing their new Mega Man RPG, Mega Man X: Command

Mission. Many fans have been looking for an RPG in the Mega Man X style

rather than the newer Battle Network style for some time. The current demo is

brief, but some interesting elements on the battle system and story are present.

Command Mission is presented in a cel-shaded graphic style, resembling last

year’s Network Transmission. Movement in the exploration sections of the

game is surprisingly limited, without even a jump button, and all you can really

do is walk around and talk to other characters. Although Mega Man X, AXL, and

Zero are present in the game, it sticks to typical RPG wackiness by only showing

Mega Man X outside of battles.

There was one cut-scene featuring a confrontation between Mega Man X and

an enemy robot, but the conversation quickly ended when the offending robot

was blown away by a mysterious stranger. The stranger identified himself as a

bounty hunter, claiming to be neutral to the conflict, seeking only to gain the

high price Mega Man X has on his head.

A battle ensues, and you take control of Mega Man X, Zero, and AXL, who all

have unique attacks. X attacks with his Mega Buster, Zero with his sword, and

AXL with smaller pistols. It’s a turned-based battle system, but rather than

selecting commands from a list, you push X or Y for secondary attacks, Z to

defend, B for a menu with items and other selections, and finally the A button

delivers the main attack and ends the turn. The battle animations are also

interactive like in the Mario RPG games, so rapidly pressing buttons or pressing

them at specific times will dole out more damage. If you make it to the end of a

battle without losing any of your team, you can deal out a huge attack with all

three fighting simultaneously. You’ll even be given a score for the combo you

rack up.

At this point, there’s not much to judge the game on, but it looks like it may turn

out to be a decent RPG, especially for Mega Man X fans.

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Genre RPG
Developer Capcom

Worldwide Releases

na: Mega Man X: Command Mission
Release Sep 21, 2004
jpn: Rock Man X: Command Mission
Release Sep 29, 2004
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