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North America

Beyond Good & Evil

by Mike Sklens - May 16, 2003, 1:12 pm PDT
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The three and a half years of development really shows.

Ubi Soft’s Beyond Good & Evil (previously Project BG&E) has been in development for three and a half years, and after playing the title it’s noticeable. The version playable on the E3 show floor is very polished and impressive. The story involves a government conspiracy and an alien invasion. You play as Jade, who is working to solve this conspiracy. The game is primarily driven by a very engrossing story, and there are many different things to do in the course of the adventure. Some levels involve stealth, others are action based, and there are even some races thrown in.

The game’s visual style is “anime and manga inspired." It’s a pseudo cel-shaded look and it’s very pretty. The characters and their environments are vibrant and work well in the context of the world. Jade works her way through a whopping 65 levels to solve this mystery. In these levels, she must take pictures of evidence to prove that the government is up to something fishy. She can attack enemies with her staff, and even charge it up for a super attack. The control is very fluid. If Jade walks up to a narrow ledge she will automatically latch on and sidle across it.

Combat is also a breeze. Attacking and dodging enemies is fluid. During certain points in the game when the action heats up, the game slows down and gets extremely cinematic. It's really cool. Ubi Soft’s Beyond Good & Evil is definitely a game to look forward too.

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Genre Adventure
Developer Ubisoft

Worldwide Releases

na: Beyond Good & Evil
Release Dec 11, 2003
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