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Resident Evil 0

by Zosha Arushan - May 23, 2002, 1:38 pm PDT

Zombie death! All the gory details inside. Bwahahaha.

If there’s one thing I love, it is killing zombies. The sight of their undead bodies liquefying via my Rocket Launcher simply makes my day. It was with great pleasure then that I ran out into Capcom’s booth and took my fill of monster destruction.

After viewing the short story Max and I were put right into the game. Rebecca was stuck in a hallway with three zombies and just two clips of ammo. After wandering around the train long enough the Billy character found a suitcase that required two rings (both gold and silver) to open. Yes, typical BH logic going on here. I love it. Anyway, the gold ring was in close proximity to the suitcase, but sure enough there was no sign of the other. You know what that means. Rebecca is supposed to find it. After switching to the medic via the X button, I go up the stairs to be greeted by a pack of hungry undead beasts. They swarm me and I switch accidently to Billy. (If you’re used to Type C controls in BH you’ll be doing this quite a bit.) Here’s the cool thing: While I was Billy and Rebecca remained in the dangerous room, she would call out to him asking for help! Very nice.

Anyway I retreat with Rebecca and then re-enter, and as luck would have it the zombies warped to the other side of the room. After taking them down and finding the upstairs kitchen room complete with Dumb Waiter elevator. Lo and behold, there was a Silver Ring shining on the floor. I had Billy send up a nice Mixed Herb. After using it I had Rebecca return the favour by placing the Silver Ring on the lift. The suitcase held a key. Boo yeah. Here we go.

Finally, the two could pair up properly. Here is where things get interesting. The C-stick controls the sub character so you can maneuver them about when trying to attack with your main character. On the menu you can choose a variety of options: Team Up (characters follow each other through rooms), Go Alone (characters remain in rooms and you switch manually for when you must split up for exploration), and within that there is Backup (your partner will attack monsters with you) and No Backup (guess, I dare you.) You can only exchange items if your partner is in the same room as you, but you can leave any items anywhere. It’s very very convenient. Another great addition is the ability to combine herbs and other items on the fly. Finally an item system that makes sense!

Other than the great partner system, I noticed a few things that Max mentioned: Zombies disappear and dogs have an older animation where you can stun them with Handgun bullets. In the GC remake of the original BH, Cerberus would keep running at you, unaffected by your hail of puny handgun bullets. In BH0 you can once more take sick pleasure out of shooting the bastards out of the air with a yelp. Heheheh.

BH0 looks like it will completely revamp the series. This fall cannot come soon enough.

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Genre Adventure
Developer Capcom

Worldwide Releases

na: Resident Evil 0
Release Nov 10, 2002
jpn: BioHazard 0
Release Nov 21, 2002
eu: Resident Evil 0
Release Mar 10, 2003

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